Sergei Sosedov: "Pugacheva sings under plywood, and Allegrova's voice reminds Dzhigurda!"

Sergei Sosedov criticized the most significant representatives of modern pop music.

Sergei Sosedov is known for his love for Alla Pugacheva. In many programs and in interviews, the critic often mentioned Alla Borisovna and often set her up as an example.

But recently, Sosedov declared that Pugacheva, as a singer, had disappeared for him. The critic mentioned that after the global external changes Alla Borisovna lost her originality in the creative plan. Neighborhood complained that the Prima Donna is now performing only with a phonogram.

But not only Pugacheva was severely criticized by a specialist, Sergey Sosedov still managed to mention Irina Allegrova and complained that the singer cannot even sing a phonogram, not forgetting to note that Allegrova’s voice reminds him of Nikita Dzhigurdy.