Fans criticize Ani Lorak for overdoing with Botox

Fans flooded Instagram Ani Lorak with negative comments about her appearance.

While Ani Lorak is in the center of the scandal with her spouse's betrayal, she managed to become a victim of malicious comments from subscribers.

The singer posted on Instagram a photo in which she was taken in close-up. The girl put on a black dress with a deep neckline and was photographed against a light background.

Instagram anilorak

However, Lorak's subscribers noted that she had clearly gone too far with beauty shots and each time she became more and more like a transvestite. Some of them also wrote that Ani had to stop, otherwise in 10 years she would generally become unrecognizable and compared the actress with a monkey.

But there were also those who came to the defense of the singer, pointing out that it was all a play of light and features of stage makeup.