The main features of a trash haircut: a forgotten emo legacy


Trash haircut is a choice of bright and extraordinary personalities seeking to show the world their uniqueness. This avant-garde trend originated relatively recently, but has already become popular, mainly among adolescent girls. Trash followers make fun of glamor, deny its fake. Most often, the addition to the haircut are brightly colored hair. The natural hair color is less often left, however, extremely unusual elements are added: for example, animalistic coloring under the leopard or zebra.

What is a haircut trash. The story of its appearance

A new fashion trend emerged in the United States during the birth of the White Trash youth subculture, instantly making a revolution in public consciousness. This is a way to express oneself, to emphasize an unusual thinking with one’s appearance, in a daring and original way. Followers use a completely unexpected combination of colors, torn strands in addition to bright makeup.

Trash creates a flashy image, protests glamor.

The founder of the style is the American model Audrey Kitching.

Audrey Kitching - the founder of the style

To suit

Trash haircut is chosen by girls who are involved in a creative environment, aged 15 to 18 years. After 18 years, you can keep the main idea, but make it calmer and more appropriate in a working environment. Trash is suitable for any type and shape of the face, it is performed for any length of hair. The disadvantages are adjusted elements of hair.

Tresh for short hair is less common than for long and medium ones, but does not lose them by showiness

Tresh looks equally good on both short and long hair.

In this variation, the image is formed on the basis of contrast

Cutting technology

Trash style hairstyle consists of levels to give volume on top. The choice of the number of levels depends on the length of the hair and personal preferences of the girl. Hair Style Tips:

  • A distinctive feature of threshing haircut is its negligence.
  • The levels should be shorter in the back, but longer in front, between them it is necessary to leave a distance of 4-5 cm.
  • Levels should frame the face.
  • The haircut is performed using the ladder technology using a stepped cascade.
  • The upper part is made in the form of a cap or with the help of a pile to give volume.
  • The image complements the bright coloring.

There are no particular difficulties in making haircuts, so it can be done independently at home.

  1. Conducted a horizontal parting from ear to ear.
  2. A strand stands out at the crown and is cut off along the length chosen.
  3. A cascade is performed, strands are tightened to the control slice in the center.
  4. Bangs fit on the basis of personal preferences (oblique, straight, torn).
  5. At will the ends are milled.

Cascade haircut workshop:

Short hair ideas

Torn bangs above the eyebrows look great when trash on short hair

Trash on short hair is harder than on medium or long. For this you need to show all your creative qualities and imagination.

Haul is also performed on short hair

With the help of contrasting colors, a bright cocktail is created.

The bright combination of colors is admirable.

Tresh on medium hair

Haircut is performed by cascade technique, the lower strands are shorter than the upper ones.

Style chip - bouffant top and straightened lower part of hair

Bangs are often long or medium length.

In the hairstyle most often used ribbons, bows, patch locks and all sorts of decorative elements (feathers, beads)

On medium-length hair, the most popular is dyeing, consisting of two contrasting colors (for example, black hair with melirovannymi tips).

Black hair is often diluted with a touchy red or pink.

Long hair ideas

In such a variation, the length of the lower strands is preserved, and the upper ones are cut short, creating a kind of cap.

Volumetric cap, cheeky makeup - really shocking trash

It creates the effect of hair extensions.

Animal motif print draws much attention.

A good addition to stylish thrash hairstyles are false hair, all kinds of pigtails and dreadlocks.

Good supplement- false hair: natural or artificial, afro or dreadlocks

With or without bangs

Bangs are a must-have haircut. It can be any: straight, oblique, ragged, multi-layered, asymmetric, of various unusual forms. The bangs are often painted in bright colors, thereby attracting even more attention.

Hair trimmed sloppy, there is no smooth transition

On curly or straight hair

Perform a haircut on curly hair will be very problematic, since a special trash effect is created with the help of hair. Care will also take much longer. Therefore, trash is most often performed on straight hair.

Will adult women fit

In general, the hairstyle is very similar to the cascade and is performed according to the same principles. If you wish, you can leave the idea of ​​a cascade and natural hair dyeing and make a haircut for older women, but then its meaning is the negation of everything, it will be lost.

Coloring ideas

There are absolutely no restrictions on the choice of color: a rich color palette allows you to make any experiments on hair coloring. Freedom, the lack of a clear framework - a feature of the rebellious style.

Trash uses the most unusual color combinations.

In choosing a hair color, it is necessary to rely on its brightness, drowsiness, and showiness.

Bright makeup perfectly complements the image

A good option for combining light colors: blond, pink, soft blue, etc.

Unusual color with a smooth flowing in pink

Hair brightened, tinted, stained individual strands or part of the bangs.

Hair coloring in blue

Trash is always bright, impressive and unforgettable!

Hair coloring in all colors of the rainbow - very bright and juicy

Styling ideas

Styling options are several.

Ordinary styling

  1. Wash your hair, preferably with shampoo for volume.
  2. Apply a styling agent depending on the texture - foam, mousse, gel, spray.
  3. Dry hair.
  4. Comb, spread out on the part.
  5. Straighten the lower area with irons.
  6. Secure the top straps with a clip.
  7. Choose strands, comb them with a comb with fine teeth, immediately fixing varnish.
  8. Remove the hairpin, distribute loose curls over the top of the pile, process with spray.
Hair styling with hair on top

Opposite option

  1. Chelku, crown and basal zone as smooth as possible.
  2. Comb the lower section of hair in small parts towards the roots.
  3. Make a couple of threads over one zone, moving up.
  4. Tip fluff, fix in different directions.

Trash laying videos

Trash haircut is most suitable for young, confident girls who intend to show themselves to the world, to protest the patterned glamor. Bright makeup, bright jewelry, original style of clothing will complement your image. In the absence of contrasting hair dyeing, the haircut resembles a cascade and is performed according to general principles, but at the same time loses its main feature - lack of framework and freedom of expression.