Dave Batista does not want to star in "Guardians of the Galaxy" without James Gunn

The actor who plays the role of Drax the Destroyer, said that he would act in the third part of the film only because of his binding contract, but he was extremely dissatisfied with the situation.

Recall that Disney recently fired director James Gunn because of his provocative 2008 tweets about pedophilia and AIDS.

According to Batista, “Guardians of the Galaxy” without James Gunn is not something he once agreed to, and certainly not the film that everyone is waiting for, since the film owes its popularity to the talented director.

In addition, Dave added that he disgusted working for a company that supports the policy of deprivation of a post for jokes on the Internet.

Recently, the entire cast of the Guardians signed a statement asking them to return the director's chair to their friend, but Disney remained adamant, despite Gunn’s such zealous defense by his colleagues.