Diego Maradona marries a girl younger than 30 years

The star of world football never ceases to amaze fans.

The Argentinean coach, retired at the end of the 90s, is still under the guns of reporters' cameras. Although today journalists are attracted not only by the merits of an outstanding football player.

Maradona shocked the fans with a statement about the imminent wedding. The sports guru in October of this year will be 58 years old, although his chosen one, Rosio Oliva, celebrated only the 28th birthday. Lovers have a lot in common: Rocio also achieved great success in football. The pair has been dating for five years.

During their long-term relationships, scandals that were instantly covered in the press often flared up. So Rosio accused the groom of violence, and Diego has repeatedly stated that his beloved is a thief who is interested in his millionth state. To date, all conflicts between lovers settled.