40 best makeup ideas in oriental style


In a broad sense, oriental makeup involves the creation of an image full of mystery, magnetism and hidden seduction. It is not customary for women in Eastern countries to show their faces (traditions dictate), only the eyes are almost always open. The efforts of the stylist are concentrated on them.

The main features of the makeup in the oriental style

The bright eye make-up captivates and enchants, fascinates and attracts. The east is made up of countries with different traditions and cultures, and therefore the rules of make-up can be completely different. But the main feature that characterizes oriental makeup is the emphasis on the eyes, which is achieved using such means:

  • fat eyeliner
  • rich shadows of different colors
  • bright pencil
  • lengthening dark mascara.

40 makeup ideas in the photo

The contours of the eyes in Oriental-style make-up are oriented to a slanting shape, and not necessarily narrow.

Even if the eye looks wide open, it must have darkened outer edges, ideally a pointed corner with a small arrow raised upwards.

Almond-shaped incision is created as an optical illusion. The color palette of eyelid shadows consists of thick, saturated tones.

The cascade color transition from dark (in the zone of growth of eyelashes on the outside of the eye) to lighter shades of close colors is very much in demand in this style.

The transition should be done smoothly, involving at least 3-4 shades in the composition.

Shiny shadows in the eastern make-up are more than appropriate. They are applied when an evening or stage image is created.

Modern interpretation: a dense texture is distributed over the eyelid by a zone, either half closer from the nose bridge or the outer half.

Another option is to stroke a brilliant pencil throughout the upper eyelid above and / or below the eyelash growth line. Oriental makeup is appropriate for brown, blue or green eyes, bright pencil will emphasize their expressiveness.

The dark color of eyebrows and eyelashes is a basic feature of oriental style.

The lengthening effect of the mascara for the oriental style in the make-up will be an additional advantage.

Extended eyelashes are recommended for those who have their own naturally short and straight.

Eyebrows require a separate conversation: they must be thick, dark, but at the same time natural, neat in terms of hair growth (remove excess, adjust too long with scissors).

With all the priority of the eye lips, too, should not be left without attention to the makeup artist. Any make-up version should be done in such a way as to give them some fullness.

Visually enlarge the lips can be due to staining their middle with a thick pencil. Applying a glossy shine will create the illusion of 3D and humidity, make the lips swell.

Do not forget to contour lips on the outer line. Do it especially carefully in the corners.

As for the blush: in no case should they look like a bright spot.

Blur the transition from a large brush stroke to the main skin tone of the face so that there are no sharp borders.

The use of blush with satin (satin) texture is a great option for evening makeup, as well as for participation in festivals.

Competently executed oriental make-up is first of all expressive eyes, from which it is impossible to break away. On the open face, without a veil and other obscuring accessories, it is the look that is the center of the image. Lips and blush only complement and strengthen it.