Double quads: 20 original ideas!


Double bob is a stylish and unusual haircut that will not leave indifferent any amateur experimenting with the image. Despite the fact that the idea seems to be extravagant, this model can look quite traditional and leaves many opportunities for a variety of styles. You can make a haircut on hair of any length, however, before you make a choice, you should learn about its features.

What it is?

Double car looks elegant and creates a unique geometry hairstyle. A haircut divides the entire mass of hair into two tiers: the upper one is usually made according to the classical caret scheme, and the lower strands remain longer - the nuances depend on the specific modification. This model appeared in the 70s of the last century - it was at this time that stylists were actively looking for new ideas based on the already popular traditional hairstyles. Initially, this type was done on medium or short hair, and the difference in length between the two layers of hair was insignificant - this is what this haircut looks like in the traditional version.

Two tiers of hair, trimmed according to the pattern of four of a kind, look very original

The main difference between the haircut from the traditional square is the additional volume, which is created using layering. In addition, the slice lines form a very interesting shape. Evaluate the geometry from the angles from behind and from the side.

The rear view looks interesting on short hair and beautifully emphasizes the neck.

In profile, the hair in a double square also lies perfectly: you can pull them out to emphasize the geometry, or curl to add to the image of coquetry and freshness.

Sideways, the haircut looks neat and perfectly demonstrates the advantages of not only straight, but also curly hair.

To whom it is suitable

Haircut looks very different depending on the length of the strands and their styling, so it is loved by many women. Nevertheless, this type cannot be called completely universal. For example, girls with a round face choose such options rarely, since the voluminous short layer of hair can visually expand the face. In addition, a double car is hardly suitable for owners of unruly and tight small curls - most often women choose a model with straight or soft wavy hair that is easy to style.

Haircut is considered to be very successful for owners of a narrow oval face type - moreover, this solution will allow you to create a harmonious image even on long hair. The main thing - the hairstyle allows you to successfully emphasize the dignity of such appearance.

Caret successfully frames an elongated face and organically goes into long strands

It is believed that the haircut is primarily designed for girls with straight hair. Brilliant, strong and smooth hair is especially well placed in a double square.

Straight hair allows you to highlight the ends of the hair in a double square, creating a particularly stylish and elegant hairstyle

Nevertheless, the owners of obedient Hollywood curls, too, choose this type and look impressive. The appearance of the hair will be completely different.

In contrast to the usual car, the double model allows you to harmoniously distribute the volume of curly hair in the hair, which makes this option more simple in styling

Performance technology in the cabin

Haircut seems simple, but the quality of its execution is of great importance - especially if you are going to wear a model on straight hair. If you do not have experience in hairdressing, it is better to trust the professionals in the salon. The work is carried out as follows:

  1. First of all, the hair is divided into two parts: the top and bottom. This will be two layers of haircuts.
  2. The upper part is fixed at the top.
  3. The lower part is divided in half and they begin to cut in even sections, starting from the middle and moving to the strands of the face. Each strand at the same level on the first. First, the haircut is performed on one side, and then mirror on the other side.
  4. Hair cut fixed at the bottom with a rubber band or barrette.
  5. Next, go to the top layer: the hair is twisted into a bundle and cut to the required length.
  6. The upper layer is trimmed in the same way as on the lower strands.
  7. After performing the main haircut, you can make a fringe or thinning.

Short hair ideas

Very often, a double-square haircut is done on short hair. This is an interesting option that will keep the volume and fluffiness even at a small length. Even if you like the shortest haircuts, this model should be noted.

Cutting in two layers makes it easy to lay the upper strands and gently frames the shape of the face

If you have always feared short haircuts due to the fact that you have a miniature face, you can safely consider this option - two layers of strands will create pomp no worse than the average length.

Even if the gradation of length is barely noticeable, the haircut with thinning will look bright and original due to its pomp

Haircut double square to medium hair: photo ideas

On strands on the shoulders of a quad in two layers can look no less interesting - in addition, longer hair opens up a lot of opportunities for experimentation. Not necessarily the image should look strictly and elegantly - even a haircut with such a clear geometry can look quite natural.

With thinning, you can add to the image of deliberate negligence.

On the hair along the shoulders, the upper tier can be a short or, on the contrary, elongated four of a kind. This is a good opportunity to adjust the haircut for your type of face and the desired volume of hair.

Varying the length of the upper layer, you can get very different images

Long hair ideas

Haircut is well suited to those women who are not ready to part with the usual length of hair, but feel the lack of volume at the roots. It is with the help of the upper tier cut by the bob pattern that you can achieve the desired effect. In addition, the appearance of the hairstyle is often very interesting.

When laying in a shape, the difference in length can look very unusual - such a haircut will become a highlight of your look.

If you are not accustomed to extravagant images, do not give up the double bob: a haircut can look much more traditional even on long strands.

Filirovka will erase a clear boundary between tiers and make haircut more natural

With or without bangs

The hairstyle is excellently combined with the most various options of fashionable modern people: for example, you can choose slanting, straight, long or short, even or with trimming. Most often, these options are preferred by owners of straight hair, because curly hair in bangs can create difficulties in styling. In addition, it is not recommended to trim the strands on the forehead of women with a round face and miniature features - so the face will become even wider and not as expressive as in other types of haircuts.

If you have large facial features, docile straight hair, and you appreciate the original images, you can write in the haircut actual shortened bangs.

A double quads with short strands on the face will help create a futuristic look.

If you are not sure of your desire to cut the fringe, you can pick up the current oblique options: they are placed in different ways, and if desired, such bangs are easy to grow.

Oblique bangs fit perfectly with strands of different lengths

The geometry of the haircut is so simple and stylish that many people prefer it in the classic version, without overloading the hairstyle with details.

Double car looks great without any bangs

Curly or straight

It is believed that the four of a kind looks best on long hair. Nevertheless, the double model differs significantly from the classical one: there is a graduated length, which is necessary for the curls to lie well.

Bulky Hollywood curls can very well be laid in this layered haircut

With a successful haircut curly hair does not even require styling.

If you make filigree, curls from the top layer will successfully fit into the total weight of the hair, and slanting bangs will allow to highlight the face

Often a double four of a kind is performed on straight hair, since it is on even strands that you can consider all the nuances of this unusual haircut.

Straight hair allows you to especially highlight the tips and emphasize the geometry of hair

Will adult women fit

The fair sex older than 40 and 50 years often prefer to trim the bob. In this case, a double square may be an even more interesting option. Due to its pomp, this hairstyle will give the image of coquetry and allow you to look younger. In addition, short strands of the upper layer will be beneficial to emphasize the contours of the face and visually make wrinkles less noticeable.

Strong, voluptuous haircut looks elegant and fresh at the same time

General principles of styling and original ideas

Possible options for styling a double four of a kind are very numerous: everything will depend on the characteristics of your hair. Obedient may well lie without any styling, and hard or damaged strands will have to make out after washing yourself. One of the simplest options is to blow-dry your hair by putting it on a round brush. It always looks good on straight and slightly curly strands.

Double square of any length can be very well laid on the brush

Many people choose curls as a daily, and as a holiday styling. On this model, they are easy to make the usual ways - with the help of hot styling or curlers.

For curvy curls, use curlers or curling irons.

Easy styling on straight hair is always relevant for double quads.

Using ironing and smoothing styling products you can achieve perfect smoothness and glossy shine.

A double bob is an original and selective haircut that looks modern and suits many women. You can wear it on curly or straight hair, and the length can vary considerably. Unusual geometry and volume at the roots make this haircut a good option for those who want to update their usual hairstyle.