Half-naked model tried to disrupt a football match

Kinsey Volanski suddenly became a star.

The final match in the Champions League will be remembered by the spectators not only by the striking opposition of the teams, but also by the unexpected trick of the little-known model Kinsey Volanski. A half-naked girl ran into the field in the middle of the first half - she had to pacify her guards.

From the clothes on it was only a frank swimsuit.

The next morning Kinsey woke up famous - the media "blew" about her, she was actively discussed on the net.

As it was found out, the 22-year-old Volanski is from Poland, but works in America. On her account there are several photo shoots in gloss and an account on instagram, where she positioned herself as a travel blogger.

The model explained its action by the desire to support the beloved - Russian pranker Vitaly Zdorovitsky. Five years ago, he also ran onto the field, but did it less effectively than Kinsey. Vitaly appreciated the courage of the model and has already expressed a desire to marry her.