Star totem sign: what is yours and how to use protection properly?


Specific types of animals cause sympathy in certain people for a reason. This is due to the link formed at the energy level. In addition to amulets, stones have each zodiac sign and a totem animal, which enhances the positive qualities of the owner and accompanies good luck in business.

Sheep and ox are patrons of Aries

The bull helps the owner to achieve goals

Astrologers characterize people born under the sign of Aries as purposeful and impulsive personalities. Strength of spirit, reliability and natural stubbornness are also characteristic of his totem animal - a sheep and a bull.

Having such a totem with you, Aries gains self-confidence and becomes calm. Sheep symbolizes the sign of the zodiac, and the bull gives him perseverance, allowing to achieve goals.

It is desirable that the talisman should accompany the representative of the sign at work or be located on the desktop of the house where its owner makes important decisions. Totem animal will save its owner from hasty conclusions and increase focus on the desired achievements.

The color performance of the figurine or figurine should attract attention and cause positive associations. Best suited red, crimson or yellow. Products are best picked from stone, metal or glass.

Turtle, owl, bear - Taurus assistants

A wise owl will allow Taurus to make the right decisions

People under the zodiac sign Taurus, born at the very end of spring, are distinguished by their sluggishness, cold-blooded calm and diligence. To cause their aggression is not easy. If someone managed to bring Taurus out of balance, then his anger is destructive.

The turtle symbolizes the slowness and determination in deeds. It is measured moves its owner to the desired dream. Owl is a symbol of wisdom and helps to make informed decisions. The bear allows the owner of the totem to defend their interests.

The close environment characterizes the sign representatives as reliable and strong partners, as well as excellent comrades and family men. Small figures of totem animals will help their owners to maintain this image. The paperweight with an owl or her stone statuette can be placed on the desktop. Products in soothing colors may be decorated with stones, but the things themselves must be made from materials of natural origin. A good choice - wood or stone.

Dolphin and Crow - Gemini satellites

Crow helps Gemini to draw the right conclusions

Representatives of the astrological sign Gemini cause sympathy from the first minutes of communication. Friends celebrate their hospitality, sense of humor and compassion. However, changeable nature gives them the ability to hypocrite.

The totem animal of the sign is a good-natured dolphin, a defiant disposition, and a crow, endowing its owner with cunning and extraordinary mental abilities. Animal figures can be encrusted with shiny stones, and a palette of colors should make you want to hold items in your hands. Best of all are amulets on the neck and figures made in silver-gray, bright yellow or emerald-green tones.

Purple figurines made of stone endow the owners with intuition.

Penguin, hamster and crab - Rakov's assistants

Penguins bring family happiness

The hearth and close social circle are the main values ​​in the life of Rakov. No one values ​​constancy of connections as representatives of this sign. Like the Cancer people, penguins are just as attached to their families, selflessly preserving the peace of their families. The desire to equip the comfort of life, even in adverse environmental conditions, distinguishes these animals from other birds.

Hamsters are characterized by their thrift, friendliness and thriftiness that appeals to Cancers. This sign is extremely hardy and persevering, and its sluggishness can be attributed to thinking about a further plan of action.

By choosing a penguin as an amulet, you can purchase a wall painting with his image. Those representatives of the sign, which are more like hamsters, you can buy figurines in the form of an animal or to have it as a pet. Ornamental crabs can be kept in an aquarium or as a table decoration. The main condition - claws should be worked out in detail.

The lion, the wolf and the ladybug are the totemic animals of Lviv

Gold medallions for Lviv will bring good luck

Power-hungry Lions do not deny themselves the desire to once again show off to the public. They have a heightened sense of self-esteem, pride, and the makings of natural leaders. The same qualities are inherent in the eponymous fauna.

The wolf is a pack predator and reliable companion, but only for its fellows. Representatives of the mark feel responsible for the family and are characterized by rationality and courage. A harmless ladybug brings to life impulsive and ambitious Lviv stability and gives peace of mind.

Charms around the neck in the form of these animals, made of noble gold metal, will enhance the qualities incorporated in the representatives of the mark. Also suitable paintings with their image or small stone figurines.

Dog and raccoon protect Virgins

The figure can be chosen to your taste.

Virgo is a practical sign of the zodiac. His representatives are always rational and consistent in their actions. They value the family and the traditions and traditions that have developed in it, therefore loyalty can be called their main feature with confidence. Totem animal sign dog has the same qualities.

Curiosity raccoon knows no bounds. Inquisitive animals, like the Virgin, often fall into delicate situations through their own fault. But at the same time, they are clean and homely. Virgos who want to build a family should carry key chains with him.

Also, the amulet gives them resourcefulness and desire for everything new.

People-Virgos in the society of four-legged pets feel protected and confident. As the amulets, you can choose stone figurines made of malachite or jasper. A bright color palette will enhance the energy of the talisman. It is best suited white or blue.

Bee and Tit - Libra totems

Bee allows Libra to achieve goals

Representatives of the sign of Libra differ purposefulness. Close people and acquaintances are fascinated by their tranquility. They always make informed decisions, although long tormented by torments of doubt. In life, they prefer to surround themselves with luxury goods and to everything beautiful.

The orderliness of actions reigning in the beehive corresponds to the characteristics of Libra people. They are just as hardworking and consistent. A small and elegant keychain in the form of a bee is the best fit as a gift to these natures.

Small and nimble tit represents lightness. Totem brings harmony to the life of its owner. Choosing an amulet, you should give preference to bronze products that "ground" the air scales. Also bring luck crystal or porcelain figurines in the form of these animals. Best of all is a calm color range.

Scorpions, snakes and cats - the symbolism of representatives of the sign Scorpio

Scorpion does not have to be pets, you can get by and figure

Scorpio people are characterized by excessive impulsiveness, emotionality and even aggressiveness under unfavorable circumstances. The external calmness of the representatives of the zodiacal sign is deceptive. They often behave unpredictably and shock others with their actions.

Similar characteristics are endowed with the scorpion itself, chosen as the sign of the zodiac. He is always ready to attack and does not show aggression unnecessarily. A brave animal, despite its small size, fearlessly rushes to protect its interests. Scorpions fit small figures or pendants made of platinum. Some prefer to decorate their body tattoo with his image. And the brave can get a scorpion as a pet.

Calm and wayward cats symbolize arrogance and arrogance. She always pursues her own interests and often uses people to realize her plans. The grace and plastic of the cat attracts the attention of the sign. Scorpios successfully coexist with cats on the same territory, calming down their purring. As an amulet, you can also choose small figures from light metal alloys.

Cold-blooded snakes are calculating and dangerous. Their maneuverability is fascinating and terrifying at the same time. You should not treat these reptiles frivolously. If the snake doesn’t like something, it deals a deadly blow.

To make Scorpio nice, give him animal-shaped stationery items.

Elk, parrot, partridge protect Sagittarius

Elk gives Sagittarius wisdom

Representatives of the sign Sagittarius restless and energetic. They are emotional, friendly and curious. Throughout their lives, they retain interest in new knowledge and discoveries.

Like bright parrots, they fascinate and love to make a positive impression on others. These birds are not devoid of cunning, which in combination with natural charm quickly allows them to achieve the desired. They are suitable for Sagittarius as pets.

Elk reflects the wisdom with which all Sagittarius are endowed. Massive interior items in the form of an elk will suit the men of this sign.

Small partridges personify the comfort of a home. Amulet-partridge helps its owner to find family happiness and achieve harmony in relationships with loved ones. People of this sign should be closer to nature. Home decorations will be paintings with moose images against the backdrop of a majestic forest, bright wardrobe items or small brooches with totem signs.

Goat and black cat - companions of Capricorns

Black Cat - Capricorn's Best Friend

The stubbornness and assertiveness of the representatives of Capricorn deserve respect. They are purposeful and efficient, which often causes the envy of others. Capricorns are prudent and pragmatic, always prefer to bring to the end of their plans, which is what the goat helps them with.

A black cat, which many people associate with mysticism, protects its owner as well as possible from evil influence and intrigues. Capricorn people who want to protect themselves from the negative, can get such a pet or wear a pocket amulet with his image.

Stone statuette of a goat, made in a discreet color design, will bring wealth and make the owner successful.

Dove and unicorn - assistants of the peace-loving Aquarius

Figures of pigeons pacify Aquarius

Aquarius - freedom-loving natures. Throughout their lives, they fantasize, make grand plans and strive to achieve new heights. They have a violent fantasy that paints them beautiful pictures of the future. Therefore, the totem of this sign is the mythical unicorn.

Like this animal, representatives of the air element travel in their imaginary world. In life, this is manifested in a non-standard approach to solving problems. Dove - a traditional symbol of the world, giving Aquarius peace-loving and friendliness. A neat, skillfully made suspension will attract pleasant people to their lives and give harmony.

Fish and Snails for Dreamy Fish

Decorative fishes help Pisces to concentrate attention

Pisces is a mystical and most unstable zodiac sign. His representatives tend to fantasize and think out what brings problems into their lives. A certain isolation from the world attracts and at the same time surprises others.

The best companions for Pisces are the bright inhabitants of aquariums. A soothing picture contributes to mental balance and helps to focus attention. Leisurely snails can also become its inhabitants, increasing the positive impact on the representatives of the sign.

All signs of the zodiac have both advantages and disadvantages. You can emphasize the best qualities in yourself and minimize weaknesses with the help of an amulet in the form of a totem animal. The totem will have a beneficial effect on its owner and protect it from negative external influences.