The horoscope for May 30: who will be at the peak of success, and what signs will have to lie low and wait?


The general astrological forecast says: this day will pass under the influence of the waning moon in Aries, this is the 26th lunar day. We are waiting for a temporary decrease in mental and physical activity, chronic health problems may remind of ourselves. But today is suitable for hair care, as well as haircuts and dyes. Personal predictions on Thursday and useful tips of astrologers in the horoscope for all signs of the zodiac on May 30, 2019.


Physical activity is especially shown to women-Aries

Aries, the location of celestial bodies indicates the likely difficulties in the field of finance, today also unforeseen expenses are possible. The horoscope for Thursday, May 30, advises to postpone visiting public organizations and government agencies - it is likely to face bureaucratic costs. Today one should listen to intuition to prevent oversights on current issues.

But the day is favorable for the strengthening of romantic and family relationships. You can safely get acquainted with the relatives of your loved one, arrange home gatherings, invite visitors to yourself or go to visit close people.

Meanwhile, now is a good time to start losing weight. Astrologers recommend that Aries focus on a sparing diet and light physical exertion.


The horoscope for Taurus on May 30, 2019 prophesies: contradictory days are expected, promising minor misunderstandings and mistakes in the professional field of activity. Tips reliable people today, too, may be wrong. The situation in your personal life can be exacerbated - refrain from hasty decisions and extravagant acts.

The prognosis of health is unfavorable: on this day, Taurus will be subject to sudden mood swings, migraines, insomnia, bad dreams are possible, there is a possibility of food poisoning and allergic reactions. The emotional state will hardly please you with stability. Take care of yourself!

One way or another, the purposeful representatives of the second mark can count on career growth and financial bonuses. Good luck will be accompanied by Taurus-entrepreneurs.


Now Gemini starts to carry on a grand scale.

Gemini, the horoscope for May 30, 2019 encourages: today the stars are on your side, you can count on dramatic changes for the better in literally all walks of life. Profitable and interesting offers of a professional nature are forecasted. A creative search for the third sign of the zodiac will find a response from like-minded people. Business projects will also receive an excellent impetus for start and quality development. Dare!

It is time to release from all burdensome and obsolete. This Thursday you can safely burn bridges and build ambitious plans for the distant future. It is possible that representatives of the air element will have to make a couple of responsible decisions.

Good luck will accompany you in the financial sector. The day favors the accumulation of funds, investments, appeals for material assistance. Tips of close people will allow assessing the current situation as objectively as possible.


Crayfish horoscope on May 30, 2019 predicts a busy and hectic day that can have a negative impact on the nervous system and emotional state. Try not to take minor troubles and unexpected problems close to your heart, otherwise you risk falling apart literally because of a trifle and earn insomnia.

Meanwhile, the creative representatives of the Water element can count on a surge of energy and inspiration. This day you will be able to realize your most unusual ideas. The main thing - do not overdo it with activity, you will still need strength for new feats.

Astrologers advise Raku to abandon romantic dating and love adventures. Today's dates are fraught with disappointment.

a lion

Today Leo should focus on family and close people.

This Thursday, women-Lions should abandon social events, parties and leisure in noisy companies. The horoscope for May 30 does not exclude the likelihood of incidental situations, attacks of envious or ill-wishers, tears and disappointments. But men of the fifth mark should be postponed with visits to state and public organizations, it seems that today you will be affected by all sorts of bureaucratic delays.

An unfavorable combination of celestial bodies indicates temporary monetary difficulties, unforeseen expenses are possible. In addition, today someone from your inner circle can get sick. In the afternoon, bad news is likely.

Parents lions should pay close attention to the problems and desires of precious children. Now children really need your participation.


Virgo, an astrological forecast predicts a difficult day: May 30 should not make final decisions and draw any conclusions. Be prepared for small career and business obstacles. Most likely, current affairs will slow down due to other people's mistakes or intentional influence from outside.

Financial horoscope for Virgo does not exclude unforeseen expenses, a temporary deterioration in the financial situation is possible. True, these problems are not worth your nerves, so try not to exaggerate the situation.

In the field of love it is necessary to show flexibility and mildness. Let the half show leadership and organizational skills - a loved one will appreciate your loyalty.


It seems that representatives of the element of Air will spend this day on the road, intensive communication, you will have to deal with working issues and problems of a domestic nature. Meanwhile, the horoscope on Thursday, May 30, indicates a sharp decrease in the energy potential - astrologers recommend Libra to keep emotions under control, not to give vent to irritation and anger. But a positive outlook on things and a friendly attitude towards others will allow you to avoid additional trouble.

Now is not the right time for creative and professional activity. With innovations, large-scale ideas and complex tasks, Libra should not be in a hurry. Avoid sensitive topics when interacting with management or companions, do not lose.

Family meetings and friendly gatherings better to move. Quarrels are possible from scratch.


Today, love problems can come to the fore

According to the horoscope, Scorpion affairs gradually go uphill. This Thursday, the eighth sign of the zodiac will feel an increase in positive trends, and a surge of vitality and motivation is also predicted. Now it is important to believe in yourself, then all plans and undertakings will receive a powerful impetus for successful implementation. In general, the day promises many pleasant moments, the main thing - do not forget about the sense of proportion.

In private life, much will depend on you. Astrologers recommend avoiding any disagreement, otherwise a real scandal will break out. Consider, then you will regret the words thrown in anger, therefore it is better not to bring up the quarrels.

Stars indicate possible intrigues and intrigues from enemies. Today, for the Scorpions, the best fighting tactic is to ignore provocations and move on to set goals.


Sagittarius, on these days the financial side of life will come to the fore. According to the horoscope on May 30, 2019, it is a good time to find an additional source of profit, as well as to change jobs. Now it is necessary to focus on the accumulation of funds and think about competent investments. By the way, some representatives of the fire element will receive tempting offers of a business nature, go for it!

Free time is desirable to spend actively in the fresh air. Astrologers recommend walks, trips out of town or to the park, sports training on the street. Such leisure will have a beneficial effect on the emotional state and improve the quality of sleep.

There is a possibility of prophetic dreams. Try to remember the images that came in today's dreams.


Capricorns, dreams of these days can be the answer to your main questions.

The horoscope for Capricorn on May 30, 2019 prophesies: a controversial Thursday is expected, when restraint and prudence should become your faithful companions. Otherwise you can provoke conflicts and troubles. In the afternoon, the tenth sign of the zodiac will suffer from dissatisfaction with itself, for this reason, the general well-being may deteriorate. Stars do not exclude the possibility of exacerbation of chronic illnesses.

Astrologers advise Capricorn to postpone self-analysis and responsible decisions. It seems that today you tend to exaggerate what is happening.

In general, the day is suitable for dating, including a romantic one. And also the moment is successful for creative searches and business meetings. True, from long-distance travel is preferable to refuse.


Not the best day will fall on the eleventh sign of the zodiac. The horoscope for Aquarius predicts: on Thursday, May 30, it is worth slowing down literally in all spheres of life, in order to prevent significant blunders and new problems. Do not persist where you do not really understand. This day is not suitable for intensive mental work.

Men-Aquarius can bring a loved one or close friend. Try to maintain composure. Probably, someone from new acquaintances will support you.

Now is not the time to deal with financial, property and housing issues. Astrologers advise to postpone these matters at least until the weekend. Avoid overwork, try to go to bed earlier than usual.


Today, family and love relationships will come to the fore. It seems that all the free time Pisces devote close and loved ones. The horoscope for May 30, 2019 indicates: this Thursday really favors joint leisure with a half or a family. Right now you have a big chance to get rid of differences and establish close contact with those who are truly dear to you.

On this day, astrologers advise to go outdoors, in the forest or in the park. Such a pastime will allow representatives of the water element to reboot both emotionally and physically.

Pisces should correct the usual diet. Exclude from the menu fatty foods and meat products for at least a few days. Give preference to legumes, vegetables, fruits and greens.