Tarasov's wife was criticized for his photoshop

Subscribers noticed that the girl’s photo of the model is very different from the pictures in Tarasov’s account.

After the birth of his daughter, Anastasia Kostenko often publishes joint photos with the baby in Instagram. On each frame, the model with the daughter seems to be perfect - the skin is surprisingly even, on the cheeks of the girl there is a light blush, and the eyes are bright on the face.

Recently, subscribers have suggested that such perfect images are obtained as a result of Photoshop. Hayter analyzed Kostenko’s recent photos and decided that the girl emphasized the eyes and lips of the child with the help of special filters, which made them look pretty.

In addition, in some pictures the head of the baby looks unnaturally large.

At the same time on the general frames with the father in Dmitry Tarasov’s account, little Milana looks not so artificially.