Pavel Priluchny can not sell the house

The mansion loses value every month.

Last year, the actors Pavel Priluchnyi and Agata Muceniece moved from their country house 40 km from Moscow to the metropolitan apartment. As it turned out, the measured life did not suit them, as it took a lot of time to carry the children to the sections and studies because of the constant traffic jams. The couple invested a lot of effort in the construction of the mansion - according to approximate calculations, a total of about 32 million rubles was spent. Priluchnyi sold it for $ 25 million, but for a year now, the new buyer has not turned up. Gradually, the value of real estate fell to 20 million, and the other day the actor announced in his instagram a share - he is ready to provide a large cid to those who buy a house until the end of June.

This rush is due to the fact that the family moved again - from an apartment to a house in another district. Insiders say that in order to buy a new home, Paul had to take a second mortgage - he took the first loan for the construction of a country cottage. The actor plans to pay off at least part of the debts with the money raised for him, sources say.