Ksenia Sobchak paid a purulent for the interview

The rapper became the hero of the new release of the star show.

New scandalous release of the show "Careful, Sobchak!" Xenia dedicated to the leader of the younger generation - the rapper Purulent. Vyacheslav Mashnov - the real name of the musician - did not stint on frankness during the conversation. So, the young man admitted that he considered the music of Sergey Shnurov to be a hoax and does not hesitate to participate in the music video of Philip Kirkorov, although he did it for the money.

By the way, even an interview with Ksenia was an enterprising rapper estimated at 250 thousand rubles. Sobchak summed it to him at the beginning of the show, noting that for her - this is the first time she pays a man for communication. Perhaps the money will help the rapper in the implementation of his main goal - buying an apartment.