What are the signs of the zodiac most unlucky in love?


Someone stars with a sleep of happiness in his personal life, and someone is forced to eat crumbs. In some zodiac constellations of the planet, they line up in such a way that the road leading to love remains in the shadows. To whom do they shine? Here are the signs of the zodiac most unlucky in love.

Cancer: in search of selflessness

Cancer girls are tender, childish and are looking for a gentleman who will protect them from all adversity. Primarily from those that Crayfish repair themselves

The moon is the most unsuccessful patron planet in love affairs. Alas, it is she who controls the Cancers. Giving them a rich inner world, versatile talents and a desire for development, in return, it reduces the prospects for happiness in love. The satellite of the Earth makes them unnecessarily romantic and makes them idealize both people and relationships.

As a rule, Cancers in early adolescence are set to a serious relationship. This is especially true of women. They manage to hide their aspirations not very well, therefore many representatives of the zodiac literally say: “I want to get married” on their foreheads. Psychologists have long explained what this is fraught with: from such women give men instantly blown away by the wind.

The problem also lies in the fact that the only Cancers can be seen even in an almost stranger. Blinded, they often take what they want for reality and see their sight only when it is already late.

But even having met a really good person, having created a family with him, these proteges of the Moon do not leave the risk zone. Sooner or later, they discover that their chosen one and the relations that develop with him are unlike those that Cancer had once invented in his head. They may not be so sublime and beautiful.

Disappointed, they hide in their shells. At the same time, their partners may not understand what is happening at all. The behavior of loved ones seems to them strange and incomprehensible. Few have enough patience and tact to wait for Cancer to open itself for the halves. Most follow the easiest way: showdown, scandals, divorce.

  • The most unlucky in love are Cancers born in the first decade of the zodiac (June 22 - July 1). The moon controls them alone, turning them into real fanatics of ideal relationships. In the end, they are made real tyrants, not realizing that they are making their family suffer.
  • In the second decade, the planet Pluto's helper connects to the moon, giving the sign representatives generosity and nobility. For the sake of loved ones, they are ready to sacrifice everything.
  • In the third decade of the zodiac, Pluto replaces Neptune. Cancers receive from him the strength of character and the ability to fascinate everyone who comes their way.

Capricorn: who will melt the stone heart?

Capricorn men are so addicted to work and careers that there is simply no time left for privacy.

The nature and destinies of Capricorns are more governed by the planet, which astrologers dubbed the “star of great misfortunes,” Saturn. She sends them difficult trials, but gives them the strength to overcome obstacles and reach unprecedented heights. Following this path, people like steel temper not only character, but also heart.

Due to the influence of Saturn, Capricorns are, to varying degrees, careerists, conservatives and dictators. This helps them achieve success in their careers, but prevents them from creating a happy family. A man endowed with these traits can count on success: for his authority, reliability and authority of the companion are ready to forgive the coldness and detachment from family matters.

Women with the same set of qualities more difficult. Few of the representatives of the stronger sex voluntarily agree to the role of the slave, allowing the spouse to be more successful in his career, stronger and more dominant.

It prevents to create a strong alliance and excessive suspicion of Capricorns. They choose a companion with a cool head. They are looking at candidates for a long time for a long time, analyze their behavior, calculate prospects. Not all tests endure. And not everyone agrees to wait until they finish this work.

  • Most likely to remain alone in Capricorns, born in the first decade of the zodiac (December 22-31). The people born at this time are fully ruled by Saturn, almost turning them into robots. They are more than others focused on career and social development, often conceive and lead global projects that literally do not leave them time and energy for anything else.
  • In the second decade of Capricornus rule, Saturn is assisted by Venus. The planet, patron of sensory development, gives people the ability to love, passion and tenderness. As a rule, such representatives of the constellation become monogamous, over the years more and more attached to the second half.
  • Those born in the third decade of the Capricorns sign are influenced by Mercury. He greatly expands their views on life. In addition to the work of such people are interested in creativity, art. However, they can be so carried away by this that they simply won't notice that the time has come for love.

Scales: too good to stop in time

Women-Libra often marry several times, and all is well =)

Representatives of this sign are the most contradictory and inconsistent in the entire zodiac. And what else can you say about those who, having the planet Venus as patrons, managed to get on the list of outsiders of love?

Only slightly illuminating with its light people born under other signs, Venus promises them happiness in love and a strong marriage. However, she loved her pets with such generosity asleep pursuit of beauty, self-improvement and the search for the ideal that it was not easy to live with such baggage.

Astrologers agree that very beautiful people are born under the sign of Libra, easily attracting the opposite sex. However, among the variety of options it is so difficult to choose the one real one, that the players of Venus can simply get confused.

A very common option is when they move out of their coils, starting to "try" everyone who has been able to charm. Being sensual and passionate, they often cannot stop themselves. They are unstoppable in love even when they meet true love. They are ready to indulge their soul mate, surround them with care and tenderness, and carry them on their hands. They literally dissolve in the other person and their feelings. And this may scare the partner.

Especially difficult for men. This behavior is associated in women with weakness and infantilism. As a result, they can escape, inflicting a deep wound.

  • Libra, born in the first decade of the zodiac, are the most peaceful. However, Venus, who alone controls their fate, prepares them for many adventurous adventures. Those who manage to pass them with dignity, find true love, create a harmonious couple, and in the future a happy family.
  • In the second decade, the planet-assistant Uranus appears in the sky. People born at this time are reliable, open, often endowed with various talents. They are admired by many, many love affairs are prepared for them, and not everyone will be able to stop on time.
  • In the third decade, Mercury comes to the aid of Venus. Under the light of these two stars, the most extraordinary personalities are born. They are free from prejudice, independent, quite rational and immensely attractive to the opposite sex. However, being the most sensual, they rarely saturate with attention and are able to stop in time, therefore they are considered the least fortunate in amorous affairs.

There are many reasons to fail on a love front. For each sign of the zodiac, they are their own. However, no star says a categorical "no" to their wards. Whoever wants, he will always achieve real happiness.