Jessica Simpson first appeared after the third birth

In early spring of 2019, Simpson became a mother for the third time.

When Jessica was published for the first time a month after giving birth, it became clear that it would be hard for her to regain her former slimness.

Each of the pregnancies of the star proceeded with complications. Not the exception and the last. For 9 months, the girl gained more than 40 kilograms, suffered from severe edema and other health problems.

By the way, Jessica and does not hide that the postpartum period is very difficult for her. She never ceases to thank the older children for the attention and care with which they surrounded their younger sister.

The husband also tries to support the spouse in everything during this difficult period for her.

Recall lovers legalized relations five years ago. For Simpson, this marriage was the second. She was married to musician Nick Lasha. Then both were young, were engaged in building a career and thought that it was too early for them to think about children.