Belotserkovskaya getting married?

Celebrity agreed to the proposal in the social network.

Following the former husband Boris, who recently married Polina Askeri, Nika Belotskerkovskaya announced her wedding. In a social network one of her friends, the writer John Shemyakin, left an extremely romantic post. In it, he called for "beloved and sweet Nick" to become his wife. The star did not leave a note without attention and also, on the Web, answered the fan that she accepts his offer. In the comments to the post, she promised to give the groom a list of dowry.

Despite the fact that the majority of subscribers consider everything happening as an innocent joke, some suggest that it is possible that the wedding will take place. According to rumors, Belotserkovskaya was very upset, having learned about the happiness of her former spouse, and could thus try to avenge him.