How to apply castor oil for beards


The use of castor oil for a beard is based on the complex of useful substances that make up this product. To get a quality result, it is recommended to use the tool regularly. Castor oil accelerates the growth of the beard, making it more dense and well-groomed.

Useful properties of the product for beard growth

Castor oil has an effect not only on the beard itself, but also on the skin of the face, softening and moisturizing it. If you use this product regularly, you can get a good result in a few weeks. The beard becomes softer, looks well-groomed and silky. Useful properties of castor oil for beard:

  1. Moisturizes Castor can nourish the skin and the beard itself, penetrating deep into the hair shaft and epidermis. This is due to stearic acid, which is part of the composition, as well as palmitic acid, contributing to the effective intake of all active substances.
  2. Stimulates growth. Castor accelerates hair growth, including beards. Oleic acid makes it silky.
  3. Interferes with reproduction of pathogenic microflora. Ricic acid has an antibacterial and weak anti-inflammatory effect.
  4. Protects against the appearance of premature gray hair. Retinoids and tocopherols that make up the product prevent the first signs of aging by exerting an antioxidant effect. Thus, as a result of regular use, the risk of gray hairs on the beard decreases several times.

Castor oil is obtained from the castor plant. The best product is made by cold pressing. Beard oil can be used both in pure form and in combination with other active ingredients.

Castor oil has a number of beneficial properties.

Application Methods

To get a decent result, you must use castor oil at least once a week for two months. Then it is better to take a break for 3-4 weeks. If a man has oily skin, then use the tool should be 1 time in 7-10 days, no more. With normal and dry type of epidermis, you can increase the number of procedures up to 2 times a week. Oil can be applied undiluted. To do this, the product must be heated in a water bath to 40 degrees or just let stand at room temperature for several hours. The main thing that the oil was not cold.

Further, castor oil should be poured on the palm, being careful, as the consistency is very oily. Then rub into the beard starting from the roots. After that, leave for an hour and rinse with water using soap. To enhance the effect of the beard can be wrapped with plastic film.

Beard castor oil before and after application

Popular recipes:

  1. Moisturizing composition. It will require castorca and olive oil in equal quantities. Both ingredients are mixed and thoroughly rubbed into the beard, leaving for an hour. Then rinse with shampoo water, as the composition is very greasy.
  2. Firming mask. It is necessary to mix castor oil with coconut in equal proportions. Rub into the skin and beard for 5 minutes. Leave to act for an hour and rinse.
  3. Composition, accelerating growth. Vodka and castorca will be required. Both ingredients must be mixed 1: 1. Apply to the skin and beard with massage movements. Leave for 2 hours or overnight. Then rinse with water and soap.
  4. Means for a thick beard. It is necessary to mix castor oil with fish oil in proportions of 2: 1. Then apply the composition on the skin of the face and beard, leaving not less than 1 hour. Then rinse with water and dry.
  5. Composition for growth and silkiness. It will take 2 tbsp. l castor oil and 1 tbsp. l onion juice. It must be squeezed out, having previously ground the vegetable and squeezed through gauze. Both ingredients should be thoroughly mixed and applied to the very roots of the beard. Leave for an hour and rinse thoroughly with shampoo, otherwise there will be an unpleasant smell.

To obtain an excellent result, different means should be alternated. When using castorca, you need to remember about some minuses. If a man has a thick and long beard, then it will be problematic to wash off such a remedy, therefore it is better to use all the listed compositions for the night.

To give the beard a beautiful and well-groomed look, you can add a few drops of pine essential oil to the shampoo. Both ingredients must be brought to a smooth consistency. Apply to beard, leave for 2 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

Men with sensitive skin should be careful when using castorca in combination with vodka, onion juice and essential oil. In rare cases, a slight itch may occur. Sometimes irritation occurs.

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Reviews on the use of castor oil for beard

More than five hundred reviews about the benefits of this oil for hair, eyebrows, eyelashes, skin and nails, and why we forget about our men who drop in here, ooooochen, even if they do not reach us, all hope for us let's help, advise and direct !!! The fashion for beards flew to us with lightning speed. She makes a man courageous, sometimes only this helps them, serious, solid and very stylish. And what to do if for those who want to stand out and look as sexy and attractive as bearded men)) Castor oil is the answer! My husband certainly does not suffer from her lack of, but because of his age (23 years) there were places where she was clearly not enough. Having read reviews about the furious growth of eyelashes and all that hairy, I decided to conduct my own experiment. Every night before bed, I smear his virgin places, as well as after shaving instead of balm. To begin with, I want to note that the skin has become very soft, there was not even a hint of irritation, and the pimples escaped somewhere. After the first week, on the places where the hair was missing, a soft dark fluff began to appear, which, with each shave growing back, grew stronger. So in two months I raised my husband a full beard. And he is happy and I made a little discovery for myself and you.



The use of castor oil in combination with other active ingredients helps to get rid of the problem associated with too rare beard, which spoils the appearance of a man. As a result of using the castor oil product, there are no adverse side effects.