Fans advised Chloe Kardashian to be more modest

Subscribers did not appreciate the photos on the background of designer bags.

Chloe Kardashian, posting photos of her little daughter on the Web, could not even imagine that she would face criticism.

The little one just posed against the background of Birkin designer bags, and the young mother decided to capture this touching moment and share it with the subscribers.

Attentive users counted 14 expensive accessories, it is possible that not all of them hit the frame. Millions of fashionistas dream of such bags, only the price is too high and not everyone can afford it. The cost of Birkin starts at 11 thousand dollars.

Admirers angered such a demonstration of luxury. They reminded the star that many children in the world have nothing to eat and they suffer from hunger, while a celebrity buys another expensive accessory and puts it on public display.

Chloe decided not to comment. Perhaps now the star is not up to it. A young mother doesn’t have a personal life, and it’s much harder to deal with relationships than with bags.