Midi dress: 45 stylish solutions for every occasion

Once the dress length midi was considered old-fashioned. But times are changing - and many designers have added this type of dress to their collection. It can be elegant and aristocratic, original and unusual, athletic and free. The length of the midi is suitable for any occasion of life, age and occupation, the main thing is to choose a suitable image. Do not be afraid to appear gray mouse - it is with this length that you will become fashionable and stylish.

Usually the length of the midi ends in the zone from the knee and ankle. Yes, this length looks better on tall and thin girls, but this does not mean that other types of shapes will not suit a midi dress. If there are fears that the length of the "cut" the legs, choose a skirt that ends at the thinnest point, that is, just below the knee or slightly above the ankle. The length to the middle of the calf can visually make the legs fuller, so choose it with care.

What could be more luxurious midi length evening dress? A great option when mini and maxi dresses become boring. To look original, it is not necessary to choose expensive designer outfits - it is enough to choose the right length.

The midi dress is incredibly comfortable in the city. Relaxed, casual or sporty, it corresponds to the rhythm of the metropolis and does not deprive of femininity. A shirt dress, a T-shirt dress or a more classic version - the choice is yours.

The form of the form-fitting dress is incredibly attractive. Contrary to popular opinion, ladies with forms can afford a fitting dress - it is enough to put on corrective underwear for beautiful outlines.

Reserved length is great for office bows, adds rigor and concentration, but it does not deprive the woman of grace. Office midi-dress is an excellent choice for those who want to find a balance between their own attractiveness and ambition in the walls of the office.

During the cold, the midi length is also the most convenient: it covers most of the body and does not collect dirt on the ground. Fitted or loose, monochrome or bright - knitted midi length dress will warm not only the body, but also the soul.

In the heat, on the contrary, I want to bare as much as possible, and clothes made from natural breathable fabrics, such as cotton and flax, can then be worn in any combination. In addition, for sun-sensitive skin, it is much more important to be hidden from ultraviolet radiation. But even if the tan for you never ended with burns, do not ignore the midi dress for the summer: light and flowing, it will create a romantic mood for holidays by the sea.

We should also talk about the combination of a midi dress with boots. It looks incredibly stylish and becomes a fad of fashion bloggers and stars. Ideally, when the edge of the boot is hidden under the hem of the skirt and the space between them is unnoticeable. This combination not only looks inimitable, but also incredibly comfortable in the cold season.

Midi dresses come to taste and celebrities. Because of the royal codex, Duchess Megan Markle and Kate Middleton cannot afford to wear more free and provocative images, so this format is their best friend. Femininity, restraint and easy playfulness - a real aristocratic style. Stars also do not bypass the length of the midi side - it's easier to name those actresses, models and singers who did not walk such outfits on the red carpet. Because of the convenience of celebrities wear them in everyday life, and for a solemn reception.

For many fashionistas, midi length is a new mini. It turned out to be incredibly convenient and versatile, the forgotten old feature that has become a real trend.