Loboda made a tantrum at the airport

The singer did not like the way she was met at the VIP terminal.

Singer Svetlana Loboda quarreled with the administration of the airport "Sheremetyevo". Judging by the comments of eyewitnesses, the star should have been met at passport control, but there were no accompanying persons, and she had to walk to the VIP lounge. It so pissed off the girl that she broke into abusive language at the airport staff, accusing them of being unprofessional.

After this incident became publicized, representatives of the airport were forced to explain. In their opinion, all the agreements were fulfilled and the star was offered an electric vehicle for movement, but she chose to wait for the nanny, who was flying economy class. The administration was ready to provide the next car in a few minutes, but this time turned out to be too much for Svetlana, and she lost her temper.