Niche Perfumery Brands - Top Brands List


Niche perfumery brands are a product for perfumery gourmets

Perfumery is a great way for men and women not only to express their mentality to others, but also to emphasize their own status, to complement the image, and niche perfumery brands will make it even better. The concept we are considering, it would seem, is simple and relevant, but in fact, under the niche perfumery is not meant what we used to understand. The time has come to conduct a more detailed acquaintance with this concept and see what its differences are from the typical flavors.

Niche perfumery has no relation to the mass. This is a separate indoor club of fans.

How did niche perfumery appear?

Exclusive and exquisite, it is quite rare and inaccessible to each user. To understand the features of niche perfumery, back in the recent past.

In the last century, only powerful people with a high level of wealth could use perfumes. However, as industrial production began to develop, goods became widely available, and perfumery became much cheaper. In the 60s of the 20th century, almost everyone could allow it, and by the 90s marketing representatives put a lot of effort into advertising, which would direct the buyer and encourage him to buy exactly the products of this manufacturer.

There was a situation of excess of supply over demand, so the perfumers had to work for the consumer. In connection with these events, at home the production of perfumes began to issue not just perfumes, but a product that will fully satisfy the wishes of people. True creators, so to speak, went underground, and their products remained to be called niche perfumery.

In the last century, only powerful people with a high level of wealth could use perfumes.

Niche Product Features

Moscow stores offer a selection of selective perfumes in a wide range, and as we have said, its main differences from consumer goods are a special flavor, the use of high-quality raw materials, no promotions and offers, sales sites that are atypical for this type of product.

Aroma refers to the main differences niche perfumes. The main purpose of a luxury product or consumer goods is to create an attractive wrapper and appease the consumer, and creators who create selective brands do not even think about it. This type of perfume can differ incredibly beautiful appearance, and it can be not only attractive, but also repulsive.

Interesting!If you imagine the notes, including wet tobacco, molasses and rubber, you can’t even imagine what you will end up with.

Nevertheless, manufacturers of a selective class of products manage to make real masterpieces that are appreciated by consumers.

Reviews from people who have already enjoyed such products are very different, because the same composition is different for different people. For example, in one group it will cause bewilderment and misunderstanding, in the other - a neutral attitude, in the third - admiration.

Aroma refers to the main differences niche perfumes. The manufacturer does not wash his eyes with a beautiful wrap

Main ingredients

Traditionally, manufacturers of conventional cosmetics tend to reduce the cost of the product, but real perfumers do not even think about it.

Each ingredient involved in the manufacture of perfumes, like wine, has its own characteristics, the quality of the final result depends on the place of their collection and on the time frame. So, orange tree flowers, ideally suited for making perfume, are collected in Africa - Morocco. It is each element of the raw material and determines the price of the future masterpiece. Some types of selective perfumery are realized in a certain limit due to the fact that certain components are not available.

Each ingredient involved in the manufacture of perfumes, like wine, has its own characteristics, the quality of the final result depends on the place of their collection and on the time frame

Packaging materials

If you want more beauty in the design of the packaging - rhinestones, glitter and gloss, then luxury perfumes and the mass market are ideal. After all, as we have already noted, the main task of such manufacturers is to cajole the buyer with a beautiful wrapper.

Producers of selective perfumery care about the inner content, rather than the outer shell. Often, packaging of a niche product has a low-key and unappealing appearance, although there are exceptions to this rule. For example, one of the brands - MARTINE MICALLEF sells goods in hand-painted bottles, of course, such a product is more expensive than perfumes in simple packaging.

Perfume MARTINE MICALLEF produced in hand-painted and decorated with rhinestones bottles

Volumes of production and sales

A new flavor, say, Nina Ricci, is produced in huge quantities, sometimes it comes to 20,000 packs or more. The goods are delivered in specialized cosmetic stores, in large hypermarkets.

With regard to selective products, the production volume is closely interrelated with the number of components to be used. If a limited quantity of raw material is used during production, only a few bottles can be released. Therefore, some types of perfumery are collected around a queue of customers.

Places for sale

If you are interested in the possibility of acquiring a selective perfume and go to a hypermarket or to a nearby store, then most likely we have to disappoint you. It is rather difficult to find niche perfumery brands in the network of traditional stores, but having gone to boutiques with selective products, you will easily find the desired option. What are these points of sale, where it is possible to buy perfumes of this class? This is a kind of caste among all points of distribution of cosmetics.

If during the production of any flavor used raw materials, available in limited quantities, it can be released only a few bottles

Usually in these stores there are not a large number of people, and it is unlikely that you will ever see queues in them. In addition, in these shops you will not find any shares or lucrative offers. Although some stores make an exception and as a gift to customers offer items from the bath collection of the same brand that was chosen after the fact. Usually between the owner of the boutique and the client are personal trust relationship.

Tip!Do not be afraid to go into these shops, because if you have a desire to "touch" the world of exquisite perfumery, this opportunity is the best.

Price range of goods

The cost is different, it is directly dependent on the raw materials and rarity of the ingredients, while the price of mass market class perfumes is determined by the cost of packaging and brand promotion. The price range of selective perfumery has significant fluctuations, sometimes you can find products costing less than 20 rubles for a volume of 20 ml, but this is a little money, although for the same amount you can buy 50-100 ml of the advertised product. What to prefer is up to you.

If we consider the formation of prices for ordinary perfumery, it can be noted that the buyer pays for about 60% of the total cost for advertising, namely for the fact that famous stars and PR agencies took part in it. About 30% of the cost is paid for the packaging of products, for the work of the creators, and only 10% of the cost depends on raw materials.

The cost of niche perfumes depends on the rarity of the raw materials used

Is the game worth the candle?

Many customers are concerned about the question of whether it makes sense to spend money on selective perfume, or you can get along with the mass market class. In principle, they can be understood, because the acquisition of such perfumes is an expensive pleasure. However, what to choose - everyone decides for himself. The peculiarity lies also in the fact that the aromas of selective collections can be enjoyed by taste and by far not everyone. But some people love something special and do not recognize the traditional, well-known smells, so they try to give preference to individual fragrances.

List of niche perfume brands

It is unrealistic to find these types of perfumes on the streets, in underground passages or in average stores. They are the best of their kind and are designed for people who are not afraid of new discoveries! So, here are some of the best brands and their flavors:

  • Ombre Mercure, Terry de Gunzburg

The fragrance should be chosen by lovers of violets, because it is this flower that is felt in the top notes. Closing your eyes, you can imagine that you are in a certain garden covered with violets of different colors and sizes. Middle notes are represented by iris, violet, rose, ylang-ylang and jasmine. The base notes of this perfume include sandalwood, vanilla, patchouli and benzoin.

Ombre Mercure playing notes of violets

Despite the tenderness and fragility of the violet flower, this fragrance cannot be called light. It is suitable for purposeful women who know what they want from life. Luxury and durability of smell create an unforgettable train. Some men note that Ombre Mercure can be considered a fragrance unisex, because on the male body, it reveals no worse.

  • This is Not a Pipe, Demeter

The name of the fragrance is derived from the painting of the same name by the Belgian artist René Magritte "This is not a pipe". On the canvas depicts a smoking pipe, and below - the inscription opposing "This is not a pipe." The image of an object is not yet an object. So with the perfume. The main notes in them you can hear wood and tobacco, but not so simple. Revealing, the aroma brings fruit to the surface. Especially well heard prunes.

This is Not a Pipe suitable for both women and men.

This perfume is not without reason refers to the niche, because real fans of tobacco aromas will be able to evaluate it. It is recommended for women in winter time, it is well revealed on men all year round.

  • Vol d'Hirondelle, LM Parfums

The name of the perfume "Flight of the swallow" has nothing to do with filling the bottle. This woody-fuzzy fragrance is considered unisex, since its components are suitable for both men and women.

Citrus notes prevail in this fragrance.

The multifaceted composition consists of the top notes of ripe citrus, clearly heard the mandarin, Paraguayan petitgrain, bergamot and rosewood. Heart notes are revealed with jasmine, orange and spices. The composition ends with musky notes and vetiver.

  • Jari, Phaedon

If oriental tales had a flavor, they would be Dzhari. It reveals notes of date, tonka bean, soil, red wine, sandalwood, white cedar and cashmeran. Unlike many other oriental flavors, it is not too sweet and sugary. On the contrary, its finesse is characterized by a slight tartness and spice. In the cold, he can warm his warmth and comfort.

If oriental tales had a flavor, they would be Dzhari

Created by the hands of perfumery visionaries, these flavors will not leave indifferent real gourmets. These brands are the most famous, and based on the analysis of the best products, recognized market leaders.

Brands in the network of Ile de Bote

Ile de Beaute is a large chain of stores for people who want to look beautiful and feel great.

  • Escentric Molecules - in the network, this category of goods is the most affordable and pleasant in flavor. Today there are 8 flavors of this line. The concept of this perfume brand is to give each user a perfume a sense of individuality. The secret is that each person flavors are revealed in different ways.

The concept of this perfume brand is to give each user a perfume a sense of individuality.

An unexpected result can be achieved by applying several Escentric Molecules fragrances to the skin at the same time. Alternating combinations and dosages, you can wear a new train every day.

  • "Tom ford"- these women's perfumes are second in terms of popularity, which won thanks to 100% exclusive fragrance. Their collection features more than 60 different perfumes, the first of which was Black Orchid. Black orchid, like the rest of the brand's fragrances, belongs to the classic sounds. In It is based on woody notes, spicy aromas and incense.

Black Orchid, like the rest of the fragrances of the brand, refers to the classic sounds

  • Montale - luxurious "sound" of aromas is intended to please every woman who is not afraid of new sensations. True connoisseurs of luxury should be interested in the fact that the founder of the brand, Pierre Montal, created several exclusive fragrances for the crown prince of Saudi Arabia based on the precious udoly tree. At the heart of Montale there are always unique components and very expensive materials, which makes each perfume brand truly exclusive.
Montale is always based on unique components and very expensive materials.

Niche perfumery L'Etoile

The cosmetics of this store is known to many women, because on the shelves in L'Etoile you can find everything that is required for self-care for a modern woman.

It turns out that the L'Etoile chain of stores provides to the attention of consumers and the products of niche perfume brands. Unusual compositions, a nontrivial approach to the "sound" - all this will please any buyer who wants to create an individual image. Each fragrance of the presented bottles embodies the most beautiful natural elements. Each female wants to stand out from the crowd, and her scent can have an impact on others. Therefore, we will pay special attention to niche brands.

  • Aromas Jean francois deserve special attention, because its line is a combination of inexpressible notes and incredible emotions. The perfumer never focused on meeting the needs of the general public and was engaged in the manufacture of original compositions intended for a narrow circle of consumers.

The aromas of Jean-Francois deserve special attention, because its line is a combination of inexpressible notes and incredible emotions.

  • Annik Gyutal. Unusual combinations of ingredients and a favorable "sound" of notes for all occasions - these are the features of this master's perfume.

Annik Gyutal - this is an unusual combination of ingredients and a favorable "sound" of notes for all occasions

Italian brands

There is an opinion that the fashion capital is Paris, but Italy is the country in which the most beautiful brands were born. Here are some of them:


Pay attention to the aroma of this brand Casamorati 1888 Lira Xerjof. The formulation of this perfume has not changed since 1888. A woman blowing a sensual train of lavender and orange will not be left without male attention. Cinnamon, vanilla, musk and caramel are responsible for the spicy side of the flavor. The combination of warm notes of spices and freshness of citrus is truly amazing.

The formulation of this perfume has not changed since 1888


In 2016, the new fragrance of this niche brand Peonia Nobile came out. It should be chosen lovers of peony. The flower arrangement is supported by geraniums, a Turkish rose and a white freesia, notes of raspberry, black pepper, patchouli and musk are also heard. Light and elegant perfume with peppercorn.

Peonia Nobile AQUA DI PARMA is a celebration of flowers led by a peony

Properly chosen perfume - a pledge of self-confidence and good mood.