Hairstyles for long hair (50 photos): beauty with their own hands


Every woman is proud of beautiful and well-groomed hair, but it is not easy to make hairstyles for long hair. If you are tired of spending many hours in front of a mirror, taming unruly hair with a comb and a hairdryer, you need to learn how to make hairstyles. They are no less spectacular than complex styling, but you will spend much less time on creating them.

The eternal women's problem, when you want to twist even hair, and wavy - straighten, with long hair takes on a new shape - what kind of hairstyle for every day ?!

Hairstyles with flowing hair

Long-haired women rightly believe that their luxurious curls do not need styling and additional decorations - they are good in their naturalness. But the lush mane is not able to maintain a perfect shape for a long time: after a few hours, it loses volume, loses shine, shag and becomes confused. To let loose hair look attractive all day long, it is not enough to just comb it. A woman should make a little effort to give her hair a certain shape.

Long flowing hair - the main decoration of a woman

Often, the daily hairstyle of girls comes down to a simple styling, but you can also experiment and pick up a few new images.

Romance in curls and curls

On long hair, curls and curls look luxurious. Large shiny curls give the face a soft and feminine expression, make the image light, airy and very romantic. A woman with loose wavy curls flowing down her back will not go unnoticed.

Make beautiful curls easy. To do this, you will need a comb, thermal protection for hair, styling tools and any device for curling. Curl curls can be different:

  • Curling hair This is the most familiar way for women to achieve soft, smooth curls of any size. Usually curling iron is used to create large curls.

With the help of curling easy to make beautiful and large curls


  1. apply a means for thermal protection on dry hair, distributing it over the entire length - from root to tip;
  2. divide the hair with a straight part and carefully comb it;
  3. separate one wide and flat strand, wind it on a hot curling so that future curls are directed from the face;
  4. hold the curler until the curl warms up;
  5. carefully remove the curled strand and, without straightening it, fasten it with a hairpin or invisible head;
  6. when all strands are curled, remove the hairpins, beat the curls with your fingers and fix them with varnish.

Large curls - the most versatile hairstyle for long hair

To protect the hair from overheating from curling, it is better to use a spray-thermal protection

A luxurious tiara will add to the finish

Tip! Do not comb curled hair: it will break the structure of the curl and fluff it. As a result, the hairstyle will not look spectacular.

With the help of curling, you will create light volume curls that are not inferior in beauty to the best salon styling.

  • Ironing Yes, the iron is used not only for straightening hair, but also for curling. However, before using this method, practice doing the perm on individual strands: after all, the wrong movement will deprive the curl of softness, make it angular and uneven.

The iron is useful not only to align the hair, but also to create light waves


  1. dry hair parting and carefully comb;
  2. apply on the strands means for thermal protection;
  3. separate one strand, place the iron on it so that it is at a distance of a couple of centimeters from the roots;
  4. hold the iron along the entire length of the curl, turning the device 180C;
  5. after the first strand is ready, curl the rest of the hair;
  6. Carefully run a thin comb through your hair to even out curls.
    To keep your hair longer, spray lacquer on it.

Twisted locks can be a separate hairstyle or a part of other more complex

Light waves created by ironing

Curls created with an ironing tool will be less elastic than those made by a curling iron.

  • Papilotkom. If you dream of small curly curls, then you should use papilotkami. They are fixed on the hair for at least half a day, and after removal they leave pretty curls that fun spring under the fingers.

Papilottes are an absolutely harmless way to curl hair. On soft curlers it is comfortable to even sleep. Often this method is used for children, not wanting to spoil the hair with a high temperature.


  1. wash your hair, lightly dry and comb;
  2. separate the thin strand from the mass of hair, twist it tightly on the papillo;
  3. fix papilotku on your head;
  4. do the same with the rest of the strands;
  5. leave papilotki for 12 hours (for convenience, you can tie a scarf on the head);
  6. remove them and lay curls with your hands, without resorting to a comb.

Hair before and after perm. To secure the result, do not forget to sprinkle with varnish.

Curls are able to cheer up their owner

A naughty curly hairstyle will last longer if you apply a styling mousse on your hair before curling, and after removing the papillotok you will fix the result with varnish. This method is less traumatic for the hair, because the curls are not exposed to high temperatures.

No less spectacular curls can be created with a curler, hair dryer or forceps. Many women, fearing damage to hair with high temperatures, resort to a proven method of curling - weaving braids.

Tip!Any curls tend to decay over time and lose volume. To prevent this from happening, before curling, pour them with mousse to give volume, and after curling - varnish.

Another innocuous way to curl hair is braiding


Despite the fact that it is the curls that are considered the most feminine hairstyle, ideally smooth hair has recently come into fashion. Smooth, mirror-like strands attract no less attention than frivolous curls.

You can make your hair even with a hair dryer and brushing (round comb). It is enough just to wash your hair, slightly dry it in a natural way, and then dry it with a hairdryer. In order for the hair to lie flat, hot air should be directed from the roots to the tips. Round the comb to tighten the strands to achieve maximum smoothness.

When the flowing curls are tired and want to change, the iron comes out again to create perfect straight hair

Hair can be smoothed and using iron:

  • Apply to dry hair means for thermal protection;
  • divide the hair horizontally into two parts: leave the lower strands loose, lift the top strands onto the crown and fix with clips;
  • separate one narrow strand from below, carefully comb it and run along it from root to tip with a hot iron;
  • fix the strand with lacquer and proceed to straighten the next;
  • when all the hair is straightened, apply a little lacquer on the comb and walk it along the entire length of the hair: this will prevent the hairstyle from being unkempt.

This style looks spectacular on owners of long hair, as well as on women with graphic haircuts. If you decide to straighten your hair, then you need to know that their condition should be perfect: on a smooth surface, split ends and traces of unsuccessful haircuts are perfectly visible.

Perfectly smooth hair is the trend of this year.

If you decide to straighten hair, then their condition should be perfect: on a smooth surface, split ends and traces of unsuccessful haircuts are perfectly visible.

Tip!If you want your hair to become a glossy shine, use a spray to add shine.

Hairstyles with braids

Long braided hair is a classic. Now there are a lot of weaving options, thanks to which a woman can create different images every day. Spit can be smooth and smooth, in the style of the fabulous Alyonushka, or complex, multi-tiered, with loose strands and the inclusion of colors and accessories.

Long hair allows you to create the most unpredictable models with braids

Spit "Fish Tail"

This option is suitable for smooth hair and hair with highlighting. "Fishtail" always looks neat, does not interfere with daily activities, so the hairstyle is considered universal.


  • comb your hair, moisten it with water and comb the whole hair back;
  • Separate strands from the temples: one on each side;
  • cross strands in the neck;
  • separate another strand on the left side and put it on top of the previous two;
  • Do the same with the strand on the right side;
  • Interlace all new and new strands until you reach the lower zone of hair growth;
  • divide loose hair into two parts;
  • cross strands, choosing them one by one from under the tail: strands on the left side
  • combine with the right side of the hair, the strands on the right side - with the left side;
    Fly the braid to the end of the hair and secure it with a rubber band.

Choosing hairstyles for long hair, pay attention to the fish tail - this is a universal option for any occasion

With a little practice and showing imagination, you will get quite realistic fishtail hair

Variation of fishtail spit

This hairstyle can be done in a few minutes, but its result will exceed all expectations: you will get a smooth, shiny braid without a single loose hair.

French braid

There are many options for the French braids, but for the instant creation of hair, it is better to use the classic weaving:

  • divide the hair horizontally into two parts: the top should be slightly less voluminous than the bottom;

The classic version of the French braid, which is popularly called the spikelet

  • divide the upper part of the hair into three strands;
  • put the right curl on the middle one, the left - on the right one;
  • braid a regular braid to the head;
  • put all three strands in one hand;
  • with your free hand, take a strand of hair from the bottom of the right and connect it with the right strand;
  • put the whole right strand on the middle one;
  • Do the same with the left side;
  • repeat these steps until the lower bound of hair growth;
  • The remaining hair doveletite to the end in the usual way and secure with a barrette or rubber band.

Having mastered the classic way of weaving the French braid, you will soon be able to make more complex hairstyles.

More complex variations of the use of the French braid

French braid can be part of the Falls hairstyle

Variations of weaving French braids

Romantic image using the French braid

Spit waterfall

This is one of the modifications of the French braid. It does not turn out smooth and even: individual strands are not woven into the braid, but remain loose, creating the effect of "flowing" on the back of the hair.

This hairstyle will look neater loose hair, but the effect of lightness and ease remain

Classic braid waterfall on streaked hair

One of the variants of the waterfall spit


  • comb your hair and apply styling product on it;
  • separate the curl in the temporal zone and divide it into three strands;
  • cross the middle strand from the top so that the top is in the middle;
  • do the same with the bottom strand;
  • leave the upper strand at the bottom and leave it free - it will become the first trickle of the waterfall;
  • separate the new strand from above and repeat all the actions;
  • continue to weave braid until it covers your head with a crescent;
    secure it with a rubber band or barrette.

This hairstyle will look neater loose hair, but the effect of lightness and ease remain.

Master class on the creation of the waterfall spit, where the braids are folded into flowers

Step 1. Braid parallel three vertical braids. Step 2. In each braid, loosen the strands on the right side.

Step 3. Twist each braid clockwise, securing them periodically with invisible ones. Step 4. Spray the finished flowers with varnish.

Luxurious flowers on the head - this hairstyle can strike everyone outright

Hairstyles with bandages

Now became very popular hairstyles with headbands. Bandages can be the most diverse: a fabric tape, a band, a plait of metal elements, a braid of artificial hair. Authentic hippie harnesses are especially appreciated.

Headscarf knotted forward - a stylish accessory

Step-by-step instructions for tying a kerchief

Depending on the accessories you have chosen, you may have a haircut of a Greek goddess or a hippie.

One of the variants of hairstyle with a bandage is a hairstyle in the Greek style. To create it, you need to take a thin band that fits tightly to the head. The procedure is as follows:

  • comb your hair and separate it with a straight part;
  • put a bandage on your head and secure it with invisibles;
  • separate one strand from the right temple and lay it on the gum so that it fits tightly and does not fall off;
  • do the same with the strand on the left side;
  • alternately twisting the strands on both sides, reach the back of the head;
  • remove the remaining hair for the gum or braid in a braid.
Greek hairstyle with a bandage in the image of the bride

Boho hairstyle

A simple bandage can drastically change your image.

Perfect for everyday summer hairstyles

No less beautiful bandage looks loose, slightly disheveled or curled hair. The main requirement for this hairstyle - harmony. It should be combined with all the way. That is why a strict office dress or business suit does not fit a bandage in your hair.

Tails: great variety

The ponytail is the simplest hairstyle for long hair. So that it does not look dull and everyday, you can slightly modify it.

Ponytail with fleece

Ponytail with fleece - a great hairstyle for long hair that can be worn at least every day

Tail with a fleece can be both a business hairstyle and a romantic

You can make this hairstyle in 5 minutes:

  1. divide the hair horizontally into two parts;
  2. lift the upper part up and carefully stir it;
  3. Combine both parts and secure with a rubber band on the back of your head.

The hairstyle will turn out magnificent and original. Such a tail can be made low, high or even placed on the side.

Options ponytail great variety. Gum at the base can be hidden by a strand of hair

Universal and comfortable horsetail hairstyle

Bow Tail

Charming hairstyle for women who love experiments - a tail with a bow. Make it easy:

  1. make an ordinary tail and hide the elastic band by wrapping it with a thin strand of hair;
  2. separate the strand from the top of the tail, roll it into a loop shape and fix it with a transparent rubber band;
  3. divide the loop into two equal parts;
  4. using stealth loops, attach the loop parts on both sides of the tail in the form of a bow;
    Separate another thin strand from the tail and wind it several times in the middle of the bow, each time passing a strand through the gum.

This frivolous hairstyle will decorate the summer image of any young lady.

A bow will add a touch of romance to the tail

High horse tail with a bow

A bundle: rigor or romance?

The bundle has always been popular with women. It looks especially beautiful on thick and long hair: in this case, it acquires additional volume.

Disheveled bun

Disheveled bun - the most versatile hairstyle, which is useful when going to the shower, and even on the red carpet

A bundle should be able to do every woman:

  1. collect hair in a ponytail and pull it off with a rubber band;
  2. comb the tail and twist it into a voluminous, not too tight braid, or braid a loose braid;
  3. wrap a harness or braid around the base of the tail;
  4. secure the beam using stealth.

Bundle may be low or high

This hairstyle will look good even on not very clean hair.


Smooth and shiny beam can be made using a special "donut", which is sold in any store. This bunch looks much neater disheveled and is suitable even for an evening dress:

  1. collect hair in a ponytail and pull it off with a rubber band;
  2. Pass the tail through the hole of the "donut", fixing it exactly on top of the gum;
  3. tilt your head down to distribute hair over the surface of the donut;
  4. free ends of the strands tucked under the "bagel" and twist around the base of the tail;
    fix hair invisible;
  5. For a glossy shine, apply shine to your hair.

The classic version of the beam with the use of "donut" is suitable for publication

Neat bunch for the beach

Now there is a huge variety of hairstyles in a hurry. Owners of long curls can only choose the right, arm themselves with hairspray and make some simple manipulations that will surely give an amazing result.