Simple hairstyles for every day - Be irresistible!


Healthy, beautiful strands require constant care and attention. The beauty of female hairstyle depends largely on the woman herself. Spending a few minutes a day styling and caring for hair, the fair sex will always look great. Not all women manage to frequent hairdressing. They have to cope on their own. The variety of ideas and creative approaches has made a huge list of options. Simple hairstyles for different lengths of curls can be used daily.

For long hair, it is easiest to pick up simple hairstyles - there can be curls, tails, and braids

Bezel of bundles going to malvinka on hair of medium length

Short hair can be varied bold styling

Short hair: audacity and youth

Short haircut is for women who have already decided to make it. Exciting, attractive style will make a woman interesting to look. However, every day few will want to walk in the same image. It will save bold styling. If a woman has profiled bangs and short strands all over her head, she can easily add playfulness to the image. To do this, she will need a round brush, hair dryer, modeling wax, hair spray and ten minutes of time.

Romantic easy styling

It is easy to decorate a short haircut with extravagant painting.

Such styling can be "worn" with heels and sneakers

You can begin to perform:

  • Hair should be dried by straightening with a brush. Strands you just need to pull, do not cheat. This should be done by straightening them up.
  • To apply modeling wax on fingers and to wipe tips of hair. Wax need to take a little. All strands must be directed upwards.
  • Hairspray sent to the strands and slightly sprinkle hair. You need to try not to wet your hair too much.

Under this hairstyle fit many different images: heels and sneakers, elegant suit and jeans.

Short curls, front strands are collected on the back of his head. Step 1-2

Short curls, front strands are collected on the back of his head. Step 3-4

Short curls, front strands are collected on the back of his head. Step 5-6

If the woman's hairstyle is not too short, you can try different versions of curls and styling with accessories. Simple curls are very popular with women. Even on short haircuts, they look bright and feminine.

Haircut bob with flowing strands

Before any styling should wash the hair, so as not to spoil the overall appearance of the hair. Stylists advise to soften hair with the help of conditioners. Simple puffing helps girls achieve a curl effect. To do this, you should take strands, fluff each with a brush, then spray with a spray of varnish.

The hairstyle of short hair can decorate the original bandage

The following hairstyle adds refinement to the girl. First you need to determine the line of parting. Some girls are ideally parted. It adds elegance. Others prefer to separate their hair to the side. It is necessary to twist each curl separately using curling. The straightener can also be used to twist the strands, however strange it may sound. To do this, hold the tips of the strands and in the grip scroll the iron to the head. If desired, curls can be done with the help of curlers. In this case, the strands after scrolling just brush your fingers, not comb. At the end of the work, hair should be sprayed with hairspray. This hairstyle can be worn on different occasions, solemn and not so.

Genius in the simple. The parting combed out on the other side will significantly change your hairstyle.

To give your image style and rigor, you can use the technique of smoothing back. Hair with styling gel should be combed back in the direction of the crown. Bangs are also attached to all the hair. The main thing is not to overdo it with the amount of gel.

Original hairstyle with stride back on a bob haircut

Original hairstyle with a hair back to the haircut. Step 1-2

Original hairstyle with a hair back to the haircut. Step 3-4

Original hairstyle with a hair back to the haircut. Step 5-6

Original hairstyle with a hair back to the haircut. Final result

If the length allows, face framed with small braided pigtails in different styles. They are fixed on the side with tiny stealth or clamps. When laying use hairpins with rhinestones, ribbons. Depending on the accessories, there is a different reason for using this package: from a simple walk in nature to an evening out to the theater. Summer air dresses and jeans are perfect for this hairstyle.

Braided braid

Braid short hair band

Malvinki variation on a bob haircut

Braid of short hair. Step 1-4

Braid of short hair. Step 5-6

Braid of short hair. Step 9-10

Medium Length: Rich Styles

Universal length for care and styling just below the shoulders. Care for long hair gives a lot of trouble, short hair is not suitable for everyone. A lot of various hairstyles and hair styling is provided to the attention of women. Simplicity in performance, the relative ease of medium hair allows you to tidy yourself right in the home. For consideration, you can take a few of the many simple hairstyles for each day:

Medium length hair is the perfect outline for thousands of simple hairstyles.

  • shell;
  • braid in different variations;
  • Greek styling;
  • bundle.

French knot on medium hair

Shell, the so-called French knot, has established itself as an icon of style. This hairstyle is very convenient to perform on a small length, because it does not need a heavy head of hair. This hairstyle is easy to decorate with accessories. It is made to work on weekdays, and you can hoist for any celebration. The style of clothing for such styling can also be different.

Step-by-step master-class on creating a hair style shell on medium hair

Step-by-step master-class on creating a hair style shell on medium hair

  • To create it, you first need to comb curls. The combing technique has its own patterns. They begin to perform it not from the tips, but from the middle.
  • Combed hair is collected using a small gum.
  • Such a structure must be twisted vertically into a tube and secured with studs.
  • Laying is to fix the varnish for durability.

Pigtail, collected in a shell, on the hair of medium length. Step 1-2

Pigtail, collected in a shell, on the hair of medium length. Step 3-4

Pigtail, collected in a shell, on the hair of medium length. Step 5-6

Pigtail, collected in a shell, on the hair of medium length. Step 7-8

Pigtail Perfect for decorating the image. It is also advantageous to frame her face. In a simple pigtail can be woven bangs, as if taking her to the side. Having learned to make a fishtail, the girl will become the queen of any evening or group.

  • For such a spit, you need a center parting
  • At the same time should be separated by a small curl on both sides.
  • Then such locks alternately overlap one another. This action is continued until it reaches the end of the pigtail.

Any braid on medium hair will look interesting and touching.

Spit waterfall on the hair of medium length

French braid - beautiful and comfortable

Greek styling looks incredibly beautiful. It can be done at ceremonial exits and work. It is quite simple.

  • It will need accessories in the form of a rim or rubber band.
  • Before starting, you should screw the large curls with curlers or curling.
  • Next, put the curls on the worn rim, threading them through it several times.
  • The bundle left behind is wrapped under the gum and fastened with pins.

Greek hairstyle with a bandage on medium hair

Greek hairstyle with a bandage on medium hair. Step 1-2

Greek hairstyle with a bandage on medium hair. Step 3-4

Greek hairstyle with a bandage on medium hair. Step 5-6

Bundle create fast. It is quite versatile. It is difficult to find a girl whom he would not fit.

  • To create it, hair is tied with a rubber band, making a tail. It should be placed at the site of the intended beam.
  • For tightening, you will need a self-made roller or donut. Passing the tail into it, twist the strands on it to the base of the tail.
  • After twisting this hairstyle you need to fasten the studs, sprinkle with varnish. Hairpins can be used both simple and decorated with various beautiful things (rhinestones, butterflies, stones).

Romantic bunch in the Greek style. Step 1-4

Romantic bunch in the Greek style. Step 5-6

Long hair: finesse and wealth

Beautiful well-groomed long hair gives great opportunities for styling and weaving. There are many different hairstyles for long hair:

Long hair just made for different hairstyles

  • all kinds of braids;
  • Greek hairstyles;
  • tails;
  • bundles;
  • loose hair

Such hair gives free rein to imagination and creativity, the ability to use different accessories.

Spit-cone on long hair

Spit-cone on long hair. Step 1-2

Spit-cone on long hair. Step 3-4

Spit-cone on long hair. Step 5-6

Hairstyles with a scythe amaze with their diversity. Braids for every day can be decorated with ribbons and cords. At the ceremonial event, you can try to create other types of braids: spit-waterfall, French spit, fishtail, etc.

Braid with plait on top

Braid with plait on top. Step 1-4

Braid with plait on top. Step 5-8

Braid with plait on top. Step 9-12

Hair with rim even a child can do it, experimenting only with their choice. The bandage must be worn on the top of the head, crossing the forehead with it. You can buy an accessory with a bow, flowers or weaving. The material from which it is made is also the most diverse. For creative people suitable option with a homemade bandage from a scarf.

Greek style hairstyle

For styling in the Greek style also need a bezel. It can be purchased in many stores, and you can make yourself from any material. The bandage should be made strong, as long hair is rather heavy. To create a hairstyle on the rim should be carefully twisted curls until it stops. Then put a bandage on your head, straightening your hair.

Spit rim complemented by elegant diadem

Ponytail - one of the most versatile hairstyles for everyday use and for celebration. It is used as a basis for many other styling. To make the tail quite easily and quickly.

  • To do this, comb your hair well and collect it high and tight with a rubber band.
  • For an inverted ponytail, it is necessary to not immediately tighten the gum tightly. The tail is turned under an elastic band and fix it. If the hair is naughty and hard to pull it in, you need to sprinkle the tail with water.

Horse tail

Beautiful will look simple braid hairstyleif you make them in a wreath. Of the accessories need studs, other decorations can be used at their discretion. Hair do on twisted and straight hair.

  • First you need to separate the strands on the sides and twist the harnesses.
  • They are connected with hairpins or pins. The remaining strands will go down in curls. For the fortress such styling is sprayed with hairspray.
  • It is possible to stick small flowers in the flagella.

Simple hairstyles: curls - beauty for every day

Romantic curls - a favorite style of a million girls with hair of different lengths

Girls with straight hair always dreamed of romantic curls. Fashion for them has been going on since ancient times. Various devices, mechanical and chemical, are used to create a curly image. In the creation of such strands women use different skins, gels, varnishes, mousses. These tools allow you to keep your hair throughout the day. For curling and winding various instruments were invented. Among them, ironing, curling, hair dryers, curlers, brashingi. Creating beautiful strands and curls thanks to this arsenal has become real.

Depending on the desired effect, there are many options for curling hair

To create a hairstyle you need to know the nuances:

  • Curl strands need to zones. By dividing the hair into sections, you can simplify the process and avoid confusion of hair. In this case, curling and unfolding one curl can attract the previous one. At the end of curling their hair, you can sprinkle it with varnish. It needs to be sprayed inside the curl.

Laying with wavy curls can be done with a round brush and hair dryer

  • Depending on the desired effect and the size of the strands, curlers also need to choose the appropriate diameter. You can use different curlers at the same time. The effect will be interesting.

Playful curls are obtained by curling

  • If you want to make curls lush and elegant, you need to curl them in different directions.

For better effect, twisted curls need to be fixed with forceps and blow-dry with cold air.

  • It is better not to take curls for one straight line. Ordering in curls is optional.

To make a voluminous hairstyle, the curls must be combed with a comb.

  • Curlers worth scrolling to the roots. So the hairstyle will be safer and last longer.

If you want to keep the curls wavy, it will be enough to put them in order with your fingers, without a comb

  • For a long-term effect, it is not enough just to twist the curl on the forceps. The curl should be attached in a twisted form and dried with a cold stream of air from the dryer.

How to quickly curl your hair. Step 1-2

  • Curling weights are needed 1-2 cm thick. Otherwise they will not be durable. When winding a long strand should be kept at 90 degrees to the head.

How to quickly curl your hair. Step 3-4

  • Creating curls in the style of grunge, you need to abide by the laws of negligence.

How to quickly curl your hair. Step 5-6

  • Hair, treated with foam, twisted with a finger and clamped to the hair crab. At the end of the procedure, the curls are heated with forceps. After that, all curls unwind, shake and make out with hairspray.

How to wind your hair with ironing. Step 1-2

  • To create a perm without chemistry, twist the hair with eight. Better to take thin strands. They are attached to the head with studs and barrettes. Hair should be sprayed with hair spray before styling. The hair is dried using a hair dryer. Then strands unwind and fix.

How to wind your hair with ironing. Step 3-4

  • A large wave on its side is considered a model of elegance and style. It is made only for a ceremonial exit. This hairstyle at home is laid with a comb and his hands. A thin strand is shifted between the fingers and blown with a cold stream of air. Then such manipulations need to be repeated several times for each strand, moving to the end of the curl. Then you can proceed to the next strand.

How to wind your hair with ironing

  • Do not forget about the old method. Screwing on paper or pieces of cloth does not lose its relevance. This method is used by schoolgirls and adult girls.