The ex-wife of Andrei Gaidulyan revealed the details of his infidelities.

The girl honestly said that the actor went to his mistress, when he was still married.

Andrei Gaidulyan is known to fans for the role of Sasha in the TV shows “Univer” and “Sasha and Tanya”. For a long time he met Diana Ochilova, who helped him survive the cancer, after which the lovers got married. However, last year the couple suddenly broke up - the couple did not explain the reason. Now Diana frankly spoke about the reasons for the gap.

Andrey Gaidulyan and Diana Ochilova

It turned out that Gaydulyan cheated on her. After another quarrel, he began to live separately and then asked for a divorce. Later, Andrei began to appear at official events with his colleague Aleksandra Veleskevich. And although the actor said that their relationship began after his divorce, Diana said that it was Alexandra who was Gaidulyan's mistress.

Andrei Gaidulyan and Alexandra Veleskevich