Monica Bellucci Style: Italian Beauty

Monica Bellucci is rightfully considered one of the most beautiful women in the world. The actress has a bright appearance, undeniable talent, as well as impeccable taste. It is the totality of all these qualities that constitutes the unique style of Monica Bellucci, which many try to imitate, in most cases without success.

Monica Bellucci's preferences in dressing styles

Monica's main “tricks” are underlined femininity and elegance: midi dresses, high heels, bright lipstick. The actress is very images in the style of "retro": remember at least the famous "Malena." Polka-dot dresses and skirts are an integral part of this style.

Another obvious sympathy for the actress is dresses with lace. Monica Bellucci is a long-time fan of the Dolce & Gabbana creative union: innumerable amount of corset outfits from lace were created by famous fashion designers especially for her.

What techniques take into account the peculiarities of the star figure: photo

The basis of the wardrobe of the actress is made up by fitting dresses-cases below the knee: such a choice allows the actress to emphasize smoothly the bend of her hips and the beauty of her legs in an unobtrusive way.

When in childhood Monica was asked what she was going to become when she grew up, the girl invariably answered: "Lawyer." Probably from here her passion for strict trouser suits. The actress gives preference to fitted models that favorably emphasize a slender silhouette, and attractive but not defiant cutouts.

Of the colors, the actress loves black most of all: he is versatile, looks good on any figure and is absolutely appropriate for any situation, be it a secular reception, an award ceremony, or simple shopping.

Quite often at award ceremonies and other secular parties a star can be seen in long fitting dresses with a train.

And Monica loves wide-brimmed hats, elegant caps and dark glasses.

At first glance, the style of Monica Bellucci is quite simple, nothing too complicated. But this is a superficial impression, and it is deceptive. You can buy clothes and shoes of the same brands that Monika prefers to dye her hair black and apply dazzlingly bright scarlet lipstick on her lips, but this will not be enough to be like her. The style of Monica Bellucci is first of all a colossal work on oneself: internal energy, ease and naturalness, ease of movement, sparkles in the eyes. This is the main secret of the charm of the famous Italian actress.