Natural henna eyebrow dyeing - Before & After pictures


Henna is a herbal natural dye that, in combination with other tint agents, allows you to give your eyebrows any desired color.

Henna eyebrow dyeing, the photo of the results of which before and after the procedure you will find in this article, is a very popular procedure in modern beauty salons. Henna is a herbal natural dye that, in combination with other coloring agents, allows you to give your hair any desired color: from rich copper to blue-black. It used to be considered that only hair can be dyed with henna. However, now with the help of henna, many girls make their eyebrows more bright and expressive. You will learn about the essence of the technique of henna eyebrow coloring by reading this article.

Henna is a coloring agent made from the leaves of a plant called Lovesonia. During processing, the leaves are thoroughly dried and crushed.

What is henna?

Henna is a coloring agent made from the leaves of a plant called Lovesonia. During processing, the leaves are thoroughly dried and crushed. In supermarkets, henna is sold in portion packs, the contents of which need to be poured with hot water and applied to the hair. Pure henna gives the hair a copper hue. The longer henna time on the hair, the brighter the color will be.

To get chestnut and black shades, henna is mixed with basma. However, at home it is very risky to paint yourself with natural products on your own: the color can be different from the expected, for example, greenish. The latter is possible when applying henna and basma on damaged porous hair that had previously been discolored or subjected to chemical perm.

Tip!Henna has not only a coloring, but also a healing effect on the hair and scalp. The effect of henna is comparable to the results of hair lamination. However, not all girls want to change the shade of curls. The so-called colorless henna will be suitable as a mask for hair: you need to fill it with water and apply it in the same way as usual. Hair will be shiny and healthy, while their color will remain unchanged.

Henna is suitable for dyeing hair, eyebrows and eyelashes

How else can henna be used?

There is a special henna for mehendi - temporary patterns, which Indian brides used to put on hands and feet. Nowadays, the art of mehendi has become so popular that many girls, who want to emphasize their individuality, began to make “washed tattoos” Well, the ritual meaning of the skin painting is completely ignored.

Also henna can paint eyebrows. It is important that henna not only gives the desired color, but also strengthens the hairs, accelerates their growth and awakens dormant follicles. Therefore, many women prefer to paint their eyebrows with henna, because this method not only gives quick results, but also allows you to grow your own eyebrows and restore them after years of plucking "into a thread."

Tip!In rare cases, henna can trigger an allergic reaction. Therefore, before dyeing eyebrows or hair, conduct a test on a small area of ​​skin on the elbow. If after 24 hours the skin does not turn red, you can safely dye your hair and eyebrows!

Henna eyebrow tinting: photo before and after

In what form is the product available?

Henna, designed to give shade to eyebrows, is sold in several forms:

  • Pasty means. Paste is a ready-made composition that can be applied to the eyebrows directly from a tube. You do not have to independently prepare the coloring mixture. In addition, the tool, produced in a similar form, is easy to store and take with you on vacation or on a long trip;
  • Powder. Dry powder will need to bring to the desired consistency yourself. The powder can be enclosed in small batches or capsules.

Tip! The henna in the packs is the least expensive, but you have to tinker with it. It is not possible to mix the ingredients in the right proportion the first time. Therefore, if you plan to dye your eyebrows with henna for the first time, you should pay attention to the tool, produced in tubes.


Prefer natural paint is for the following reasons:

  • Henna very rarely causes allergies. By the way, if your body does not tolerate chemical dyes that contain ammonia, natural dyes will be the best option for you;

In stores you can find henna for eyebrows in special tubes

  • If you use the tool often enough, the eyebrows will improve, become thicker and brighter;
  • Modern manufacturers produce many shades of henna for eyebrows. You can always find a tool that is suitable for your color type. There are even companies that label tubes or packages with labels "for blondes", "for brunettes" and "for brown-haired women";
  • It is possible to dye eyebrows with natural paint for pregnant women and nursing mothers;
  • During the staining you will not experience the slightest discomfort. Henna does not sting the skin and does not have a sharp unpleasant odor;
  • The tool has a fairly affordable cost and can be used at home.

Tip! If you decide to paint your eyebrows yourself, be sure to do it in a well-lit place in front of a large mirror. You should be careful: if you do not remove the dye from the skin, a stain may remain on it, which will completely wash off in a few weeks.


Natural dyes have virtually no contraindications. Above it was said about the mandatory allergy test, which should be done if you are painting your eyebrows for the first time. It is necessary to refuse staining in the event that the skin is damaged. Getting into the wound, henna can cause quite unpleasant sensations.

It is necessary to refuse staining in the event that the skin is damaged. Henna can cause rather unpleasant sensations when getting into the wound.

Henna has one more minus. The staining procedure will take approximately 60 minutes. If you use chemical paint, the result will appear in a few minutes. Finally, if you mix the powder in the wrong way with water and the remedy turns out to be too liquid, the henna will spread over the face. In this case, you should wash off the dye as quickly as possible, otherwise you risk to get strange patterns on the skin of the face instead of beautiful eyebrows.

Tip! For coloring eyebrows you can purchase a special brush. If this is not possible, use the brush from the old carcass. Naturally, before using the brush should be thoroughly washed with soap and water.

How to prepare for the procedure?

In order to color eyebrows you will need:

  • non-metallic packaging in which you will be diluted with powder and water. If you purchased the product in a tube, you can do without a special container;
    plastic or ceramic spoon for mixing ingredients;
  • mascara brush or special brush;
  • cotton buds, with which you can quickly remove the leaks from the skin of the face;
  • fat cream to protect the skin, which should not be subjected to staining;
  • a special hairdressing apron or old clothes that you will not mind soiling.

You need to start the procedure by preparing everything you need in advance.

Tip! To remove the paint from the skin of the face, you can use micellar water. If you do not have this remedy, use makeup remover lotion or any base vegetable oil, such as grape seed oil or wheat germ oil. You not only can remove all unnecessary, but also nourish the skin with useful substances.

Cooking means

In a mixing bowl, pour a teaspoon of henna. While stirring the powder, gently begin to pour in warm water. It is convenient to do this with a disposable syringe without a needle: this way you will not overdo it and will be able to control the volume of the liquid. As a result, you get a composition that the consistency should resemble fat sour cream.

In order for the pigments to better adhere to the skin, you can treat the eyebrow area with a scrub or peeling.

Remove existing makeup from the eyebrows. In order for the pigments to better adhere to the skin, you can treat the eyebrow area with a scrub or peeling. Take a white pencil for the face and circle the desired outline of the eyebrow. Apply a thick cream around the contour. Make it very important, otherwise you risk getting too wide eyebrows.

Tip! Carefully choose a time when you will color your eyebrows. Remember: with the mixture on your face you have to go for at least one hour. If you wash off the coloring composition earlier, then there will be no result.

How to carry out the procedure

Correctly apply the tool to the eyebrows will help you with the following algorithm:

  • Scoop a large amount of coloring agent using an eyebrow brush or brush;
  • start to paint the eyebrow, moving from the temple to the nose. Work carefully, trying to apply the composition to each hair;

If the henna is out of the drawn contours, immediately remove it with a cotton swab dipped in micellar water.

  • Apply the composition to both eyebrows at the same time. That is, first paint the tip of one eyebrow, then go to the second. Having finished working with the end of the second eyebrow, paint over the middle of the first one, etc. If you first apply the composition to one eyebrow, and only then to the other, the color may turn out to be unequal;
  • if the henna is out of the drawn contours, immediately remove it with a cotton swab dipped in micellar water.
  • Done! It remains only to note the time and wait for the mixture to color the hairs.

Tip! For better effect, you can close the eyebrows with small pieces of cling film. This will create a warming effect that promotes better penetration of the pigment into the hairs.

Flushing paint

It is recommended to remove the coloring mixture with cotton pads moistened with warm water. A couple of drops of essential oil can be added to the water. It will take several cotton pads to completely remove the tool.

When most of the henna is removed, wash with cool water. In the event that the color does not suit you with its intensity, the procedure can be repeated.

Tip! If you got the shade, and you want to keep it as long as possible, apply a little castor or olive oil on the hairs daily before bedtime. By the way, it contributes to the growth and strengthening of eyebrows.

Henna removal

Suppose you saw the result and realized that this is not what you wanted. In this case, you can try to remove henna and make the shade less intense. The following recommendations may help:

  • Moisten eyebrows with fresh lemon juice. Leave the juice on the hairs for five minutes, then wipe them with a cotton pad. If you are allergic to citrus fruits, this advice does not suit you;

It is recommended to remove the coloring mixture with cotton pads moistened with warm water. You can add a couple of drops of essential oil to the water.

  • perfectly remove henna lotions, which include alcohol. Wipe your eyebrows several times a day with this lotion. If such a tool in your cosmetic arsenal is not available, use regular vodka;
  • too dark eyebrows can be lightened with hydrogen peroxide. Apply peroxide on the eyebrows for a couple of minutes and rinse it thoroughly with cool running water.

Tip! Before you dye your eyebrows with henna yourself, you can visit a beauty salon offering this service. After watching the actions of the master, you can repeat them at home.

Eyebrow shape selection

Naturally, when dyeing, it is important for you to remember that the shape of the eyebrows should fit your facial oval. You should not try too much to go beyond the contours of the eyebrows or, conversely, to make it too thin. In the first case, you risk looking rather strange, in the second - visually add yourself a few years. It is advisable to follow the natural shape of your eyebrows and not try to change it in a radical way.

When coloring, do not try to go too far beyond the contours of the eyebrow or, on the contrary, make it too thin

Carefully keep your eyebrows symmetrical. Thanks to henna, you can correct a slight asymmetry: the product slightly tones the skin, so you can slightly change the contour, length or shape of the eyebrow.

Tip! Before you dye your eyebrows, it is important for you to determine which shape suits you. Try several options using a regular eyebrow pencil. Well, if you do not want to risk, go to a beauty salon: the master will help you find the perfect shape for you!

Dyeing your eyebrows with henna is very simple. It is enough to try to do it two or three times in order to understand what the coloring composition should be and how to choose the right eyebrow shape.