How to use powder for basal volume and hair color


In the modern world it has become popular to use various styling products.

Girls are attracted not only sprays created for this purpose, but also various powders that are used instead of gels to create the perfect hairstyle.

There are many types of powders for hair: for volume, color, tint and others.

Types of powder

Powder - A special tool for giving the hairstyle volume without weighting. The consistency of the styling product is similar to a soft and delicate powder that is applied to the roots of the hairs and gives extra volume. To use the tool began before the appearance of varnishes and gels, but it began to gain popularity only now.

Main components

Most species have the same substances in their composition, such as:

  • water;
  • silica. Designed to ensure that cosmetics longer retain their suitability for use;
  • sodium benzoate;
  • various film former, which is used for fixing and is found in all lacquers and styling gels;
  • citric acid - reduces shine, affects the structure, makes the hair more docile;
  • flavors and fragrances.

Bulk powder

Such talc for basal volume is mainly in demand among women with thin and non-volume strands. The powder will not only create volume, but also make hair light and airy, eliminate greasy luster. The representatives of the fair sex, with its thick hair, will help to create complex hairstyles.

Features of color means

Girls who are accustomed to changing their image frequently but cannot decide on long-term staining will receive color powder from brands such as Osis, as well as various Estelle brand tint powders.

The tool keeps on the hair before the first washing of the head and does not harm the structure of the curls, as does the usual paint. It is washed off color easily and does not remain on a head of hear.

So that the color lies well on the strands and does not bring inconvenience, you need to follow certain rules.

  1. The tool is applied to clean and dry curls.
  2. It is better to paint in the bathroom, as the powder is very loose and can stain the floor.
  3. In order not to accidentally stain the skin, it is necessary to throw a towel over the shoulders.
  4. After applying the powder, you should not wear light-colored clothing, since particles of a cosmetic product can settle on it.

Dry shampoo

Many girls use instead of dry shampoo specially designed for hair and use baby talc or powder, which is not quite the right choice. Such means though will help to reduce the greasiness of the strands, but later the hair will get more oily shine.

Each composition is better to use in accordance with its purpose, namely: powder to create volume, and dry shampoo - to make the curls clean and fresh, but this type of shampoo does not cancel the "wet" shampooing.

The cost of a good powder for hair varies from 1 thousand to 4 thousand rubles. At home, use less expensive species, the price of which may be no more than 500 rubles, but such funds contain fewer nutrients and trace elements. Professional beauty powders are used in beauty salons, which will saturate all the hairs with various vitamins and make them healthier.


There are both positive and negative opinions about the powder for curls.

I have been using the osis product for several years now, the effect is very good. Tried and other firms, but they did not come to my hair. Since I teach at the institute, I don’t always have time to do the styling with varnish or gel in the morning, and talc saves me well. He needs quite a bit and during the day you can straighten your hairstyle with your fingers.

Irina, 37 years old, teacher

For almost 5 years I have been using colored powder instead of hair dye. I am a student, and teachers do not like it when they come to classes too bright, so in my free time I put color on some strands, it turns out a very beautiful and unusual hairstyle. Every time something new and unique.

Olga, 23, student

Always used only lacquers and gels for fixing hair, but a friend somehow advised to use powder. I really liked the effect on the strands of the girlfriend, because the volume really held on for a very long time. But for some reason my hairstyle was kept for a very short time, after a few hours the volume dropped. I came to the conclusion that it is better to style my thick hair with strong fixing varnishes and gels.

Marina, 40, accountant

Most girls who use powder talk about the following pros:

  • powder is easy to apply;
  • does not make styling heavier;
  • gives volume;
  • almost no smell;
  • most products are hypoallergenic, unlike varnishes and other styling products;
  • eliminates oily shine.

Of cons allocate:

  • giving a dull shade to dark strands;
  • slight tangle of hair;
  • high price for high-quality powder;
  • difficult flushing. Usually need two or more.

Special hair powder - A great tool for busy girls who want to always look well-groomed and beautiful, without spending a lot of time on it.